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Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:39 am

Master Masters Athlete
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Muscle Strength and Metabolism in Master Athletes.

Int J Sports Med. 2009 Aug 14. [Epub ahead of print] Links
Louis J, Hausswirth C, Bieuzen F, Brisswalter J.

Knee extensor muscle strength and metabolism were examined in endurance trained
young versus master athletes (10 elderly: 62.5+/-4.1 yr and 10 young: 26.2+/-2.4
yr). Before and immediately after a resistance strength training (RST), subjects
performed a maximal isometric voluntary contraction (MVC) and a 10-min cycling
test at a same relative intensity. During MVC, evoked contractions of the knee
extensors muscles were performed to assess neuromuscular properties. Metabolism
was assessed using oxygen uptake kinetics model. Before the RST session master
athletes showed lower knee extensors MVC values than young subjects (257 vs. 354
N p<0.05) without any difference in oxygen kinetics (respectively for elederly
and young: oxygen slow component (VO (2)(sc)): 231 vs. 214 ml . min (-1) and
time constant (tau (1)): 27.8 vs. 25.1 s, p>0.05). After the RST session, a
similar effect of fatigue was observed on muscular properties and oxygen
kinetics whatever the group (respectively for elderly and young: MVC: -13.4 vs.
-15.9%; VO (2)(sc): +11.8 vs.+25.2% and tau (1): -15.4 vs. -13.9%).

Our results suggest that the ability of master athletes to perform exercise at a
given intensity is maintained despite a significant loss in strength with

Thomas Fahey
Dept Kinesiology
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0330

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Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:37 pm

Master Masters Athlete
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Interesting. Small N but decent power. So, basically we can perform with the same intensity but our results are diminished because we're not as strong. Time to hit the gym.

M45 PRs: 100: 12.04, 400: 54.83, 800: 2:23.5, 5K: 19:27

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