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Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:13 pm

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If I was 25 years younger I would say using the guidelines I have in the past I am now strong enough to throw 80 meters this year with the 800g javelin! But in less than 3 months from now I turn 50. That is something new for this old man and I don't know how much that factors into the equation for how far I can throw this year. I guess time will reveal all.

My training has been going amazingly well this winter: My bounding and medicine ball throwing are all way up on last year. And in the weightroom I have blown past my rather ambitious winter lifting targets and been getting life time bests!!! Below are some of the main lifts I do. I have compared them to what I did last year when I threw 74.73m / 245ft 2".

And yes of course I got all of them on video and up on YouTube.

2012 vs 2011

Leg Press: 1738lbs x 15 vs 1218lbs x 10

Back squat (half):675lbs x 10 vs 500lbs x 10

Step-ups 350lbs x 10 vs 250lbs x 10

Lat-Pulls 400lbs x 15 vs 400lbs x 10

Leg Press: 1738lbs x 15 reps

Half Squat (back): 675lbs x 10 reps ... T4XVHWi-SQ

Step Up: 350lbs x 10 reps ... xcyb8h-3So

Lat Pulls: 400lbs x 15 reps ... QP9oSphUhs

I am also lighter and a little faster on the runway than last year:

7 Step Approach (old): May, 2011: 74.73m / 245ft 2" ... re=related

11 step approach (new):December, 2011 71.24m / 233ft 8.5"

It is going to be interesting to see how far I can chuck the spear this year. This time last year I predicted I was on target for 73m to 75m. For this year I believe I am on target for 75m to 80m. The key is going to be staying injury free during the season.


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