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Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:25 pm

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I found it very interesting reading Cyrus Hostetler's - America's #1 javelin thrower - blog and watching the videos of his recent weight-room lifts, specifically his max lifts for a single rep.
I preface this first by saying he looks like he is in great shape and ready to PR this year. I'll also like to say that I too used to do single rep max for my lifts in the weight-room when I was his age - 25 years ago - but I don't any more.
The question /comment I would like to make is why should a javelin thrower or any athlete for that matter other than a weight lifter do single repetitions, especially when you take into account most T&F athletes form in the weight room leaves a lot to be desired? I believe you are putting yourself at great risk for unnecessary injury. As a track and field athlete there is a very strong correlation between good form / technique in ones chosen specialty and ones performance and also the better the technique, in whatever, the lower the risk of injury.
A month shy of my 50th birthday I am training hard but also training very differently then I did a quarter of a century ago. I am lifting very heavy weights for multiple reps but in a limited range of movement / motion. I believe this is a far better way and safer way to train, even with very heavy weights, then the old school method of deeps squats, power cleans etc ....especially for the more mature athlete.
Just my thoughts on the matter....
America's #1 javelin thrower: Cyrus Hostetler's receng blog:
455lbs x 10 reps weight jumps / jump squats:
625lbs x 25 reps half squats: ... aCEkNiM%3D
Incline Dumbbell Press: (90lbs x 2) x 14 reps: ... mkAXBEY%3D

Roald Bradstock

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Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:02 pm

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I totally agree Roald. Increased strength is good but max, low-rep lifts are too risky for the Master's athlete. I don't use weights that are too heavy to allow me to do AT LEAST 5 reps. Focusing on proper warm-up and good form are also critical. And an aside, Cyrus looks to be in good shape. I often see him at the track doing his workouts.

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Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:24 pm

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1 rep no, 4 reps OK. Limited joint angles: fully agree.

regards, Weia

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