400 Meter Training
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Author:  accipiter [ Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  400 Meter Training

I am 58 years old and run the 100, 200, and 400.

My training regimin is thus.

*Two recovery days between my hard workouts. 20 minutes foam rolling. 10 minutes walking on a treadmill and 10 minutes on my elliptical. Just enough to get the blood moving through muscles and joints. On the recovery day after track work, I also do upper body training.

Hard Days. Each hard day is devoted to one of the following;
*Speed Endurance; I rotate between;
2 x 50 meter accelerations begins each workout.
-Repeat 6 x 100's or 4-5 x 150's.

-Repeat 3 x 300's.

*Lactic Acid Training ( or as I call it, "Running fast when you're tired training") My theory is to get tired and then get just enough rest to be able to run the next interval at least at 400 meter pace or better.
I also run 2 x 50 meter accelerations before the main workout.
I rotate between;
1. 4 x 100 with the first 100 being faster than 400 meter pace. I rest about 20-25 seconds, then go again as hard as I can. After the first set, I'll walk a very slow 2 laps and do it again.

2. 1 x 300 at 95% top speed; rest 45 seconds, then,
1 x 100 as fast as I'm able. rest 20 seconds, then,
1 x 50 as fast as I can.
I rest for about 10 minutes then do it again.

3. 1 x 300 at 95% top speed; I then walk 200 meters and then run 200 meters as hard as I can, walk 100 meters, and then run another 100 meters, walk 100 meters, and run 100 meters.

*Event Training.
2 x 50 meter accelerations.
I rotate between;
1. 100 meters for time
200 meters for time.

2. 100 meters for time.
400 meters for time.

I going to experiment with doing some 50 meter accelerations with a 10 lb. load in my weighted vest, after I do the main workout, since the total distance is less than my other workouts.

I like to get timed to see where I am. I think it's important to run the 400 for time because I don't train at that distance and so I need the experience of running it and getting used to the strategy of energy expenditure.

I also work strength work into the rotation. More frequently during the winter and less frequent the closer I get to a meet.
I try to get my workouts timed if I can get my wife and somebody else to help.

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