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Author:  Mike67 [ Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  2012 Goal

I plan on finishing in the top 5 400m M45 in 2012. I'm currently 25+ pounds overweight, haven't been competitive in 5 years, and not really run that much since then either. I believe that I have sufficient speed to attain this goal, but am curious as to how I should train over the next 5 years to be the absolute best I can be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Author:  BMo [ Tue Jul 31, 2007 9:51 pm ]
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Good luck to you Mike. Long term goals are great. My 2 cents: Establish a good base (general conditioning), find a group to train with (other Masters doing speedwork), avoid injury, compete. Check out:

I found this link very useful. It helped me get into the top ten this year, my first year back in 24 years, in the 400m in M35.

Again, best of luck!!!!


Author:  Mike67 [ Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:46 pm ]
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Thanks for the info, I greatly appreciate it! Congratulations on your success.

Author:  NSHSDad [ Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:21 pm ]
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That's a nice website - I'll use some of those workouts as a guide.

I'm still working on my base, although I'm sort of happy that my distance run times are now hovering in the 6:15-ish mile. Sept is the time I'm looking at starting some of those kinds of workouts.

Author:  BMo [ Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:22 pm ]
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Happy to be of help.

Author:  Mike67 [ Sat Aug 04, 2007 1:59 pm ]
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I see that you are 39. Looks like we might compete against one another at nationals in 2013 if we both can last that long! Thanks again, and good luck to you!

Author:  BMo [ Tue Aug 07, 2007 11:41 pm ]
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CU there Mike. Or maybe in OH. I went to Miami and go back frequently. Happy training!!

Author:  Anthony Treacher [ Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  2012

I went to Miami and go back frequently

Miami? I will probably be in Miami 14-27 January 2008 (and maybe Swedish Minnesota for a week either before or afterwards). Do you know of any suitable competitions in that timeframe?


Author:  Mike67 [ Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:24 am ]
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I can't believe I've allowed 6 years to pass without running! I'm just now starting to get my wind back with a little over 1 mile per day w/ one day off. I can't wait to begin real sprint workouts, but will have to wait until I lose the excess weight. Good thing I've got 5 years to prepare! Just posting to keep myself motivated!


Author:  BMo [ Tue Sep 04, 2007 8:49 pm ]
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Stay motivated Bro!! :lol:

Author:  Mike67 [ Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:19 pm ]
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Ahhhhh! The smelll of Spring in the air! My first big year back into serious training toward my goal. You 45 year olds to be in 2012 better look out! The Mongoose is baaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!

Author:  Qtrmiler [ Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:52 pm ]
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Keep focused and motivated and you'll meet your goals.

Hey Bmo....You wouldn't happen to be Byrke Beller - originally of Chatsworth, CA and now making Oregon your home.

It's me, Tom Wardle - former school/teammate. Running masters track myself out of San Marcos, CA (North San Diego County). 200m/400m with a little messing around with the Triple Jump.

If it is you Byrke, how's the family?

Author:  highjumpgirl [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  another old-timer creaking back into....shape?

Hi Mike, I just had to post and ask, how is it going? I am (like you) heck-bent on going back to my event. (highjump). I'm 43 F, also a little excess weight....(a lady never reveals). And highjumpers have to be super skinny. I'm not stopping though. I'm struggling with the reality that I might not be in shape enough to jump at all this year. I've been out of it for ...22 years? but love high jump with such a passion that I'm determined to get back. Like you, I have a goal of performing competitively over the next few years.

What are you going to do this year....compete at all? I'm just not sure I can jump at all this season. I'm shocked (as everyone warned) at how an old body doesn't just bounce back into shape. My husband has happily agreed to train and accompany me....and I know he can...I'm just struggling with some feelings of intimidation, etc. I keep reading this board, because I know there are people who have done it. So it's gotta be possible.

I was psyched that you first posted months ago, and are still determined. Any words of wisdom? I just made this decision the past month or so.

Author:  Mike67 [ Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:35 pm ]
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Actually I plan to compete in a 200M locally in July just to see where I'm at. Also will run a 5K in the Fall to keep up the conditioning late into the year. 2009/10/11 will be the years when I really try to put the times together. I'm confident that I'll achive my goals, but I know it's going to hurt an awful lot. However, I think everyone gets a chance to either run from or embrace an opportunity such as this in their lives. I would rather embrace and control the pain now rather than lament a cowardly decision later. Good Luck in your pursuit.

Author:  Mike67 [ Tue May 13, 2008 3:02 pm ]
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Anyone else shooting for a similar long term goal? I'm having a lot of fun building the machine back up! Just finished a good day of plyometrics and I know I have a long way to go. But I am confident that I will do this!!! I'm also happy that I can annoy someone other than my wife about this! :P

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