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Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:41 am

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Been training for about 18 months. I am limited in distance work, because of a hip that has to be replaced. I am able however to do "sprints", as the hip loosens and allows me this type of exercise. Usually go to my hs track, it's rubberized, about 4-5 times aweek and do 12 100 yard sprints. The first four are striding and a slow build up, with the final eight at as full a speed as possible. Always feel great at the end. Will probably get the hip replaced in Dec., then god willing, at some point resume training. Is this type of workout sound, or should there be more days of shorter sprinting mixed in with my heavier(for me) days. Thanks

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Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:08 pm

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I certainly don't know much about training with a hip (or potential) replacement. My only advice would be to vary your training. Change the distances you run at the least. Other ideas are to change the amount of rest you take and/or the speed of each rep. If you have been training for that long and have not competed, perhaps you might want to time trial or test yourself. 30 meter sprints (either flying or crouch start or both) are good indicators of pure speed. A test of fitness is what some people call "Gut 40s" - 4 x 40y sprints @ max speed with only 30 seconds rest. To do it right, you must push yourself to the max each rep and not save anything for the 3rd and 4th reps. Evaluation is all based on "feel", but if you do it right, you will feel it!!! Good luck.


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