Belief & Adjustments
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Author:  fittestover40 [ Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Belief & Adjustments

This past weekend I noticed the outdoor track calender had been updated and some races I was doing had different dates than I expected. This winter I had been doing a long base building phase and getting ready to train for a 10K, but this race wan't going to happen until 3rd week of June so I had to revise my phase 2 training to immediately begin training for speed. Yesterday I went to the track for 1st speed workout in 6 months. I was training off 400M pace so felt pretty comfortable. I had a lot of trouble hitting pace as the last few months have been strictly building slow twitch muscles. It felt like I was running fast but I would miss my time by .3 or .6 Doesn't sound like much but I'm almost always on the other side with those marks. Even after a long lay off I don't back off the pace I just shorten intervals to manage the pace. I was determined I could run the pace without an all out effort. I finally on the last 2 was a little ahead of pace like I normally am. While this was much harder than I hoped, it might have been even harder had I not been strong in my belief that I refuse to run at less than a high level. That's how I train and race and it's that belief of a high standard that has brought whatever success I've had. You have to believe in yourself and be ready to make adjustments when needed.

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