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Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:28 pm

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Many years ago I read an article in Psychology Today that explained one of the most depressing facts I have ever been unable to refute: we are more flattered by compliments from strangers than by compliments from intimates (whose motives we regard as suspect), and we are more devastated by criticism from intimates than by criticism from strangers. (Who cares what they think?) In spite of this knowledge, I'm always eager to complain to strangers and reluctant to give them any strokes. But every once in a while I manage to break through the cynical sourpuss barrier and say something nice about what I did like.

I liked the officiating at the Sacramento Worlds. Faced with a staggering logistical challenge, the folks I encountered managed not only to run the show with consummate competence but kept their sense of humor alive and infected others with it.

I liked Sacramento better than I expected. (You have to expect the occasional thinly veiled passive-aggressive dig from a Canadian, eh? :wink:

I loved being on the same track with so many legendary heroes. Some of them I could even still see at the finish line.

I was privileged to have special access to the humor and photography of Ken Stone, who also introduced me to David and Linda Pain. Legends all!

Enough from me. Who else has something nice to say?

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