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Mon Jan 29, 2007 4:23 pm

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I'd like to reply to a comment by an anonymous poster on an old blog entry on this site. The post was dated 1/15 and was signed by Sac Runner. This person misread a post and mistakenly thought that my name was attached to it. The post refered to my former team Fleet Feet Sacramento as "slow feet", but I was not the author. Here is the person's reply to me:

"I find Liz Palmer's comments 'perhaps they could change the name of their store to "Slow Feet" to better reflect the customers they are targeting' very offensive. Are you one of those fast runners? or a comped PAUSATF athlete in the womens masters? I'm glad the Fleet Feet store is changing their focus and becoming more diverse. Their team will still have very good runners but (to use your word) perhaps become a better steward in the Sacramento running community. Yesterday morning I ran on the American River Trail in sub-freezing temps and the scarcity of runners was noticeable but I had the pleasure of seeing Helen Klein out there running. It's likely many of those fast runners waited to go out later in the day when the temps went up, Helen probably does not run as fast as you do, Liz, but she has got as much dedication and commitment as any comped or fast runner I know. What makes running special is when an ordinary individual decides to do something extraordinary like running and achievements are not always based on speed. You refer to a forner club that supported you as "slow feet". Be careful because whatever team you run for may have a faster runner who may perceive you as a "slow feet" with the same degree of ridicule and contempt that you have adopted towards Fleet Feet Sacramento. There are very good people who stayed with that team, I run with another team but I show those people respect which is known as being a good sport!"

I'm sure this is only important to me, but hopefully you'll indulge me when I want to set the record straight re: my former team. They are great. I miss running with them but I made a decision that best supports my running goals. I have never ridiculed them or any other runner that I may meet. I've always done my best to exhibit good sportsmanship. Hopefully anyone who's ever met me or had contact with me can attest to my efforts. If Sac Runner ever reads this, he or she should be ashamed to post such insulting comments about someone they have probably never met.

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