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Sun May 10, 2009 5:38 am

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I ran the Cox 5K race,in Providence RI and when I looked at the results, I found I wasn't listed at all. the race coordinators were using the D-Tag system. I put the D-Tag on correctly, and according to Yankee Timing company which uses this system, I didn't record at the start mat or the finish mat. I did protest with the race committee and Yankee timing company as my time was good enough for 18th and 3rd place in my age group. I even had photos of the start and the finish with me going over the finish with the time showing. but they will not reverse their decision that I completed the race. :cry:

Has anybody used the D-Tag system yet and have they had any problems???

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Mon May 11, 2009 6:37 am

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I have run just one race where the D-Tag was used. I did not have a problem with it - but it made me wonder how they know that none of the D tags are defective. With the usual chip - I would guess that they are used and reused - checked? - no clue - but I have not heard of problems with regular chips. The D-tag is relatively new - and I would wonder about quality control. While this does not help with the problem you had - if you still have your d-tag - is there any way to see if it is defective?
Personally I was a bit suspicious - after all it looks like a piece of plastic covered paper - and what happens if the part that is supposed to be on top - exposed - so to speak - is on the bottom? How durable is this thing? It made me pretty nervous - does it dissolve in the rain? What happens if the plastic covered paper tears?
I suspect the D-tag is going to be the wave of the future - no more collection of chips, no more mailing back etc - cost is probably less than with the older chips. Like everything in life - it is not perfect - the question that will arise is - how many failures will be one too many

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