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Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:07 pm

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Ok, I'm all new at the hammer. I've thrown about a dozen sessions now. How do you determine when the wire needs to be changed? Then, how do you change the darn thing? Is there a special tool or trick to do it right?

G Dixon
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Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:04 pm

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I change a wire only out of necessity when it breaks, but also when it has been bowed from repeated use and I am going to an important competition, so I put a brand new one on when every centimeter of radius helps and I need as straight a wire as possible.

Changing can be done "by hand"; it is just maneuvering that final short straight end of the wire where the twists start, to come away- once you achieve this with a cloth-covered thumb and index finger, or maybe even pliers, (but shouldn't be necessary)- then the twists will unwrap easily....(think double helix and imagine Crick and Watson were throwers...) the final (or the first, depending on your perspective) twist is delicate if you are going to re-use this existing wire, because you want it to maintain it's "tight twist" appearance...if you are removing a wire permanently, then you can bend this last twist wide with impunity in order to thread it back out of the swivel of the ball, and, at the other end, out of the handle.

Welcome to throwing! Here's hoping you "break some wires" because of the impact from many hours of practice!

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