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Author:  m61distanceMn [ Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  newbie master runner

I must say i found this site after watching on Youtube ,videos of Master track and field races!
I am a former hs and college cross country runner and long distance runner track and field.
I have tried to be active thru the years with various sports.. ie. xc skiing in the winter/ canoeing / jogging/ biking/rollerblading/ swimming/ in the summer.
I am fired up :) and hope this is not my only post on here. :roll:
I am 61 6'1'' #190.. and am convinced my future wellness / contentment/health/ attitude/ and overall well being is going to be and IS ehanced with physical activity..
I get fired up easily by videos (which are now available soooo easily) of track and field athletes for me is lasse viren/ steve prefontaine/sebastian coe/ as i was telling my friend i hate name droppers.. :shock:
I will workout if i'm not injured (pretty close to a commandment for me)
The added feature for me at 61 is that i also need recovery avoid fatigue / injuries..
I will not become a gym rat but use training to enhance my life but not just become obsessed with training/ racing/etc.. or i might... :shock:
One tidbit that i found out that sports and training evolves :o I found a short video that encourages sprinting for 20 sec intervals. with rest interval of course.. shorter workouts and more intense than just jogging at slow steady pace.. (topic that i would like to hear about from advocates of it) I personally tried it and of course one needs to know ones body and what it can and can't do on each given day... Getting older has it 's rewards.!
I also am not into constant online chit chat daily..
Looking for balance and integrity and worth in myself and a good place to start is looking in the mirror. yes i have couple inches round the belly that i will be working on..
I am not one of those that has gotten fat and then justifies it by ( fill in the blank)
I'm a work in progress here and no silver bullet.. * although running / exercising might just be that.
I will find out what works for me and will consider different approaches and methods and give them a try possibly.. but ultimately i will decide on what is right for me.. * Another perk of being older! :wink:
I am looking for a niche of people that are doing what i am.. albeit better / faster at times but I will be competing with myself and will know my self worth with the effort i put in and the committment that I make each week towards staying healthy and even competing if you will in events that i like and enjoy.. ( the races are won in practice dont' cha know)
Before i need to contact a book reviewer i will log off .
BTW where is the mecca of masters runners located..??
Great senior videos and comments on Youtube btw..

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