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Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:25 pm

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[b]What is the difference between a low spin & a high spin discus ? Also is a more expensive discus better, ( go farther ) ? :?: [/b]

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Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:32 am

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In addition to cost, the difference between different disci is in how much of the weight of the implement is in the rim. The higher the rim weight the higher the "spin" and the greater the cost. In theory, a high rim weight discus will go farther than a low rim weight disc, but that will only happen if you throw it with enough velocity coming off your fingers to spin faster. Very few of us can actually benefit from a high rim weight (expensive) discus. In fact, if you aren't throwing with much spin coming off your fingers you will not throw a high rim weight disc as far as you will one with a lower rim weight. in general, unless you are throwing in the world class arena (150-170' or 45-50m+) don't bother with an expensive high rim weight discus. 75% rim weight is about as high as you should go.

I'm sure that Tom Fahey can give a much fuller and better explanation than I can and hope he does. I do know that it is the bane of throws coaches lives at high schools and colleges that 100-120' discus throwers are going out and throwing very high rim weight discuses that do not go nearly as far for them as a blue or red on with a 60-75% rim weight would.


Jerry Bookin-Weiner

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Wed Jan 03, 2007 5:45 pm

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I think the feel of the rim is very important. I love the Pacer Gold when throwing the 2 kg discus. I also like the Hollowood Star, which is a basic discus. They don't make these disks in 1.5 models. I really don't think rim weight matters that much, even for athletes who throw far.

I throw a 1.5 OTE very high moment discus. I like the feel of the rim. However, the discus is very fragile. OTE no longer offers replacement plates. I have three $250 OTEs with dents in them that are unusable. I am probably deluding myself thinking that the $250 discus will go further than a $50 discus.

I also like the Obol, which is cheaper. I don't like the feel of the Denfi, even though they have engineered models to throw in head winds and tail winds. But some guys, like Alwin Wagner (who kicked my ass in Spain), love the Denfi.

I have about 7 or 8 cheap 1.5 disks. I don't like the feel of them and they hurt my hand. I have developed arthritis in my fingers from throwing so many years, so rim feel is extremely important to me.

John Powell throws the 1 kg discus very far and he uses cheap $30 disks.

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Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:43 pm

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If you want to contact me at I can probably get you hooked up with Dick Held. I was his discus man at OTE and I know that he is now making his own quality aluminum sided discus and I am pretty sure he can rebuild any OTE discus so I think he could help you get your old OTE's fixed up. I remember you sending in your discus each year and we always looked forward to tuning up your discus back to new status, I am sorry that they no longer do that at Gill but hopefully Dick can help you out.
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