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Sun May 24, 2009 10:37 am

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The purpose of my post is to get imput from other Master's on a) pros and cons about achilles surgeries and b) How they got thru their own achilles tendon injuries.

My injury occured roughly 2 years ago when I hurt my left achilles (at the calcaneous insertion) sprinting. This was not a little pain, but BIG PAIN! Mind you, there was not a complete tear and the MRI showed little trauma. Currently, after gaining significant weight and getting out of shape I am finally starting to see the results of some running (no sprinting yet) and training.

Prior to that I had been sprinting as strong and as fast as I had in my life at the young age of 33--I loved it w/ a passion! I would lift super heavy weights for my legs in order to get stronger and used several key sprinting workouts to get as fast as possible in the shortest amount of time. But then problems started occuring. A pulled hamstring, some knee pain, and then the achilles to cap things off.

As probably most of you recognize, rehab is mental and physical. When I was really energized and in great fitness; I could see myself sprinting like the wind. Now it's harder to see that w/ this injury. I do however have faith and conviction that I will sprint again. But, this time around--a lot smarter and wiser w/ more balanced goals. Yes, I still have an awesome goal of running faster than I ever thought possible, but also want to love sprinting for DECADES to come. I love it for the sake of the sport itself. The goal of running or winning a particular race is wonderful, but nothing will ever beat the feeling of the wind thru my hair (what's left of it at least) as I propell my body around the freshly mowed grass of a highschool track.

I have got some great advice from people from other posts and have some lessons learned from my whole experience.
a) Listen to your body and do NOT do too much too soon. Are bodies are not meant to grow and adapt too fast. Remember there is a distinct difference between being physically healthy and being physically fit. Fit, will get you around in that track to achieve awesome PR's. While health, will keep you around long enough to do it for years to come. These 2 (health and fitness) are NOT always mutual inclusive.

b) Get a balanced approach. I could have probably prevented my injury w/ sports massage, good chiropractic alignment, progressive stretching, yoga etc. These are fantastic ways to get stronger and healthier anyway.

c) Get intelligent, make some desicions, and take action even in the face of uncertainty. Make the desicion to get out there and start running again. I do not know if my achilles (or whatever else) will pop again, but what the hell I love sprinting, racing, and training too much for uncertainty to get the best of me.

Everyday I am going to dream about being faster, stronger, and healthier than I ever had. This will happen maybe fast, maybe slow, but I'll get there again.

Thank you for taking time to read and God Bless.

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Sun May 24, 2009 4:58 pm

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I too, suffered from trying to do too much too soon and tweaked my achilles back in Aug of 08. Luckily for me my PT rehab for my shoulder surgery (too much Javelin too soon - I'm a hardhead) had me in a facility with a therapist and Ortho Doc that knew their stuff. Ortho Doc told me under no circumstance should the achilles be operated on for minor/micro tears. I did though do extensive strengthening of the achilles with a lot of flexibility and balance work. AND ICE....plenty of ice. My tears were very small but boy oh boy was the achilles point tender. A small touch could send me through the roof! I switched to new and firmer training shoe (NB 1135 or something like that) and put a small heel lift in to help the tendon from any trauma...and I ran slow, and was very careful of going up any incline or curb or turn. AND NO GRASS RUNNING.....did not want a set back with a gofer hole. But the heel lift and ice combined with the shoe really worked. By January I was able to sprint, hurdle and jump again. So go slow and take it easy and it will rehab so you can get back up on your toes again.

Best of Luck
G Dixon
Sarasota, FL
M51 - Multis

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