Rotator Cuff Injury from throwing discus
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Author:  olddiscusdude [ Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Rotator Cuff Injury from throwing discus

Hi Y'all!

I started throwing about 5 months ago with a 1.61kg discus (high school standard) and realized because of my age bracket (I'm 47) I have to throw a 2kg discus in order to compete in meets. I finally bought a couple inexpensive 2kg discus about 3 weeks ago and began throwing soon thereafter. I went slow and easy be sure not to overthrow a heavier discus and my shoulder felt pretty good until last week. That day (last Wednesday) I went all out - about 20 throws at 100% after warm-up.....felt good with no pain. Later that night, my rotator cuff got inflammed and was in pain & unable to lift my arm for a couple of days. Like any smart athletes, I iced up my shoulder, rested it, rehabbed it and right now, it feel a little better but still sore. I have a small meet coming up this Saturday - which will be my first. I'm not sure whether I should risk it for further injury by throwing again this week. Any recommendations, advices and suggestions regarding whether I should throw this week, rotator cuff rehabilitation/injury management and training from experts or anyone who had the same experience would be helpful!! Thanks a million!

Author:  phxdoc [ Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  shoulder injury?

If its just sore- meaning you can do pushups and light DB presses overhead with no instabiity or pain- I'd rest until the meet Then the day of the meet warm up and stretch very well, take about 4-5 60% warmups and then your competition throws and enjoy!
If you have pain doing any of the above not just soreness-shut it all down don't throw and get your shoulder looked at.

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