Ankle Sprain? Try a boot!
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Author:  soonerlater [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Ankle Sprain? Try a boot!

Just sharing something that worked really well for me...

Three weeks ago I had a really bad ankle sprain. Playing volleyball, I stepped back onto someone's foot and rolled it to the outside - I immediately knew it was bad, so I put on a TED sock, iced and elevated (and had a beer or two) and waited until the morning to go see a trainer.

The next day I couldn't bear weight on it all, but the trainers felt pretty sure nothing was broken or ruptured, just a severe sprain with some likely tearing and maybe a small avulsion fracture, so I skipped x-rays etc.

They suggested wearing a walking boot for 3-5 days, taking it off for daily range of motion work. I did that and cannot believe the difference it made in healing - so much faster than other ankle injuries. I am training at about 85% and almost back to jumping and playing volleyball at full speed.

Sooooo... two things... if you do sports that make you prone to ankle injuries, carry a TED around, it really helped with the swelling, much more than an ace wrap. And if you get a bad sprain, boot it. And, being the geek I am, I googled it and found some studies that concur with what I observed.

Good luck y'all!

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