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Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:36 pm

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I had rotator cuff surgery in August 2010 for a partial tear in my right throwing arm. Went through the usual rehab and finished it up the first part of November. My doctor said no throwing for the first 6 months which was about the middle of February.

Starting going back to the gym in December but used very light weights and nothing to strain the muscle or shoulder. Mostly walking on the tread mill and some arm curls. Doctor released me in February to resume normal activities but use common sense.

Starting throwing the shot and discus lightly in March at about 30-40% effort. No problem with the shot but the discus was painful to throw. A couple weeks passed and the shot was coming back but the discus is another story. Pain ran from my shoulder to my forearm like a lightning bolt. Thought I could possibly throw "through the pain" but I could never get to the end of it. Discuss went from 140' to maybe 90'.

Made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon on March 18 and he poked around the shoulder and bicep muscle until he hit a sore spot. I thought I was going to slap him silly when he hit that spot. He reviewed my pre-operation MRI and said the bicep connector was frayed and could break at any time. Gave me a cortisone shot in that sore spot and told me not to throw for 7-10 days. Also told me that he may have to snip one of the bicep connectors (long connector) if I still had pain and if I still wanted to throw the discus. Something to think about.

10 days was up April 2. Threw a few times and got the discus to go over 120' with little or no pain. Next day arm was sore but at least I could tuck my shirt in. Threw some this past Friday but felt like I pulled the bicep muscle. Only threw 5 times and not very hard.

My first meet is this Wednesday and I have been resting the bicep except for running the tiller and planting the garden. Anybody have some experience in recovery from a rotator cuff tear? Will it get better? Do I need to rest the arm for an extended period?

Mike Thomason
Thrower (M60-65)

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