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Tue Jun 14, 2011 7:30 pm

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Tomorrow marks one year since my spinal fusion of c-5/6/7. I have only run one race, which was indoor nationals and was not ready but ran anyway! Ran 5th and a time over a second slower than pre-surgery but at least I got a handle on where I was and where I want to go! I am still having step problems after 7/8 hurdles but slowly my strength is coming back but not nearly as fast as I want it to. ( the doctor told me that the return would be slow) I really started training just a few weeks before Albuquerque as my doctor would not allow me to hurdle until the bone grafts started showing signs of growth. I am signed up for Sacramento but still in a holding pattern until I run in another race or two. Even if I can't be as competitive as I have been in the past, I am intrigued by the possibility of running in a race this year that may be the fastest in the age group in many years. With Herbert Kreiner entering the age group and Colin Williams running this year along with Ron Boling and a host of other fine hurdlers, the final could possibly yield a world record! I will be happy this year if I even get to the final! If I pass on Sacramento I may go to Berea or just train through until next indoor season. It's been a long haul but I am finally seeing some improvement and look forward to seeing everyone on the track. New age group next goals! Bionic ankle, bionic spine, repaired plantar...heck..I should be as good as new soon!

Jimmy Broun

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Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:43 pm

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Does all that bionic stuff count as an unfair advantage? Just kidding. I am very glad that your recovery is coming along smoothly. As we have discussed before, take your time and and don't be in a hurry to get back. Your eligibility for Masters doesn't end until you die. Take care and I will see you soon.


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