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Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:13 pm

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As I get ever closer to my 50th birthday - just 4 and a half months now - I am starting to wonder if all those years of doing cleans and snatches was actually worth while as in Risk vs Reward?
My thinking now is that they carried more risk then benefit especially as you go heavier even with good technique which few people have.
As we enter into master athletics I believe now that we - the older generation - should not do olympic liftiing as part of our training. The risks are to great for injury even with good form and fairly light weight.
In my training now I have to modify exercises so I can do them but the ultimate goal is still to get as strong and as explosive as possible WITHOUT getting injured.
In the last week weighing 184lbs I have done 4 life time bests in the weight room on my legs: 1738lbs x 10 reps leg press, 600lbs x 10 reps half squats, 415lbs x 10 reps jumps squats and 330lbs x 10 reps step ups!

600lbs Half Squats

415lbs Jump Squats ... WK1ltL6QD0

330lbs Step Ups ... kj_j0gwGfo

My belief now is that doing these 3 exercises working in a narrow range in conjunction with running, bounding, swimming and stretching are simpler, effective and safer then doing cleans, snatches and jerks - even with the amount of weight I am doing!


Roald Bradstock

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Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:59 am

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Those three exercises are much closer to the joint angles we need in our sport than the olympic exercises. And therefore very good.

regards, Weia

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Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:37 pm

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I agree in terms of barbell lifting as mastering good technique takes far too much time for what we are doing. A much better solution is to do dumbbell cleans and snatches instead and focusing on the explosive aspect there. Much safer and much more relevant.

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