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Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:57 pm

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Hi Jumpercarty

I think it's just the thing for you. I don't think you've lost anything. It's there, but dormant.
Wake up those sleeping muscles and look out.
Make sure you are patient! It will come.

Good Luck!


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Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:26 pm

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Leap-in-Sky wrote:
Hi all,
...resulted in some pretty good knee pain ...So the latest attempt,...achilles soreness and what feels like plantar faciitis in the left foot.

Ok, thought I would provide a little update.

The heel problem: Xray shows no irregularities with heel structure. Doc recommended I get the orthotics updated. Went to Physical Therapist (PT) today and she thinks the heel/achilles pain is attributable to tight soleus and achilles tendon and the heel pain is early stage plantar faciitis. Got some stretches and exercises to do and getting treatments over the next few weeks to rehab it .

The knee problem - PT watched me climb up and down on a block and noticed right away that my right knee was turning slightly inward on the step-up and step-down. She said this indicated an imbalance which turned out to be weak right hip abductor. In general, several muscles were weaker on the right side as compared to the left. Again, have got some exercises to do even out both sides and rehab over next several weeks. It's pretty cool how quickly a trained eye can spot this kind of thing.

I think she said it's possible that the two injuries may even be related. Better to get all this figured out now than to have pushed through the pain and popped something. I got the bike cleaned up this weekend and will be hitting the road soon till I recover.

Again, thanks for all the advice.


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