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Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:58 pm

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I have suddenly (last week) developed mild - moderate pain in my throwing hand. Specifically, at the base of my thumb, and in the area of the bones of my hand. There, I sense it more on the back of my hand. Can't grasp a dumbell and flex the wrist with out some pain (flys are hard) and can't throw the discus with out some pain. I have iced and will take a few NSAID's and plan to take some time off throwing. Seems like inflammation of the small muscles between the bones of my hand or perhaps some ligamentous soreness??

Anyone experienced something like this and any thoughts on prevention/management. In my usual activities of daily living it does not hinder me-just with lifting and throwing.

M46, S Wright

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Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:33 pm

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an update:

Throwing REALLY hurt a couple a weeks ago, inspite of rest for about 2 weeks. I saw a doctor who after reviewing my wrist MRI diagnosed "lunate bone edema" This is basically a compression injury-just short of a fracture. No tendons or ligaments injured-Thankfully.

This injury stems from heavy loading and abnormally flexing the hand/wrist. Almost certainly it occurred from flaws in my bench press and push press technique.

Aside from the pain, this will set my lifting and throwing back many weeks. I am thankful that it was not more serious-it could have affected my "day job"

This serves as a serious reminder that we MUST train smart not just hard.

SE Wright M,45 Discus

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