Germany’s mammoth entry list for Linz online

Germany is sending nearly 900 athletes to the second World Masters Indoor Championships, starting the Ides of March in Linz, Austria. That’s nearly a third of all athletes entered at Linz. German-American Phil Raschker shared a roster PDF detailing the German entrants and their events — from W35 Urte Alisch to M90s Anton Polgar and Albert Olbrechts. Five W80 Germans are entered as well. Notable on the list: 31 athetes who claim doctorates (I count 31 with “Dr.” in front of their name.) They might not all be physicians, but it seems advisable to learn how to say, “Is there a doctor in the house?” in German. Danke, Phil!

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February 1, 2006

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  1. Mary Harada - February 2, 2006

    It is common practice in Germany to use one’s title – professor, doctor, etc -with one’s name, more so than in the USA. Thus it is indeed possible that there are a number of Ph.D. – or the German equivalent amongst the “doctors” listed. In the USA it is far less common for those with doctorates in the non-medical field (physicians, dentists, etc) to put “Dr” next to their name on something like a listing for something like an entry to a track meet. Perhaps we should all start doing that -:) – just to impress the heck out of each other- just joking folks.
    In Germany I should be addressed as not only as Mrs but also Professor and Doctor – and have been so addressed there. That is not unusual, however here it would sound very very strange indeed. It is those cultural differences that makes the world so interesting.

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