Germany’s Margit Jungmann in the running for president of WMA

Margit is being term-limited out of executive VP, so president is next step.

In October 2013, Germany’s Margit Jungmann was elected vice president of World Masters Athletics at Porto Alegre worlds. At 2016 Perth worlds, she was re-elected. And if she has her way, she’ll replace Stan Perkins as WMA president at 2018 Malaga worlds. German sites say her nomination was decided at a recent DLV council meeting in Darmstadt. “The elections to the WMA presidency are planned as part of the Masters World Championships in Malaga on 8 September 2018.” Stan can’t run for a third term (after winning his first by one vote at 2009 Lahti world.) Who will challenge Margit? Rumors here and across the pond say it’ll be Gary Snyder of Massachusetts, our longtime USATF masters national chair. Margit is quoted as saying: “I would like to continue on the successful path that we have taken together in the past four years with the [masters]. At the top of the list of priorities is more professionalism in organizing the world championships.” In 2013, Margit was appointed to the IAAF Masters Commission. I don’t know what she’s done, but she’s at least got service credits. (I don’t see any track competition history for her.)

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November 20, 2017

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  1. Ken Stone - November 20, 2017

    I also think she’s the first woman to run for prez.

  2. Ken Stone - November 21, 2017

    On Tuesday, Gary Snyder replied:

    It would fair to state that I’m moving in that direction.

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