Guido Müller named IAAF World Best Master for record 3rd time

Guido also won WMA AoY in 2004 and 2009.

For the third time in a decade, Germany’s Guido Müller has been named WMA World Masters Athlete of the Year (male division). WMA didn’t reveal the winner, however. The Eurovets spilled the beans. The news leaked thusly: “Guido Müller made the double. He became European Best Veteran and now he will be honoured in November in Monaco during the annual IAAF Gala. Well done Guido – stay healthy and fit!” The winner of WMA World Best Masters Athlete (female division) has not been publicly divulged, but scuttlebutt says Australia’s Lavinia Petrie, a W70 distance record-breaker (5K and 10K), also is headed for Monaco. (I wrote about her in March.) I’m still steamed about Olga Kotelko not getting the honor. But a posthumous award wasn’t in the cards for her. Meanwhile, WMA thinks the biggest news in Masterstrackland is elections at the Asian Masters Athletics General Assembly: “As part of the General Assembly, elections for the Executive Committee and Council were held. The results of the election were as follows.” I won’t bore you with all the details, but Vigrantanoros Viwat of Thailand beat M75 hurdler Kyoshi Konoike of Japan for president. In any case, congrats to Guido and Lavinia — Oceania’s rep.

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September 23, 2014

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  1. Alan Kolling - September 24, 2014

    With both apparent winners being 70+, this augurs well for the “old-timers” given the widespread speculation that the WMA/IAAF won’t reward older masters standouts because of the putative lack of serious competition they face.

  2. Courtland Gray - September 25, 2014

    Yeah, I always thought there was a lack of serious competition in the older age groups…… until I arrived in the older age groups. It just looks easy.

  3. Ken Stone - September 25, 2014

    Two days after my post, WMA put on its pants and posted its WMA Athletes of the Year, saying:

    2014 IAAF Masters Athlete of the Year (24.09.2014)
    WMA Secretary Winston Thomas has announced that the winners of the IAAF Masters Athlete of the Year for 2014 are:



    Full details of the performances and achievements of each athlete will be released shortly.

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