Harvey, Troncoso claim American records in Portland 3,000

Sabra in summer 2009.

Sabra Harvey’s 11:11.49 Saturday night in the 3,000-meter run at the Portland Track Festival took about 40 seconds off the listed W60 American record. And it wasn’t a soft one. The listed mark is 11:52.22 by Marie Michelsohn in 2005. The listed world record isn’t far away: 11:06.6 by Britain’s Angela Copson (at age 64!) in 2009. A minute ahead, Carmen Troncoso smashed the W50 American record, clocking 10:06.60. The listed mark was 10:19.3 by Kathryn Martin in 2002. Of course, Sabra is no surprise. She set an 800-meter world record at Oshkosh nationals last summer. Winner of the Portland 3K was W40 Trina Painter, defending her 2009 victory with a sensational 9:49.48. Trina blogs for her track club. The listed W40 American record is 9:27.45 by Carmen Troncoso. Here’s a video of the super 3K:

Results from the women’s race at Portland:

3000 Meter Run Masters Women
Name Year Team Seed Finals Points
1 Painter, Trina McMillan Eli 9:56.00 9:49.48 10
2 Valle, Lisa SoCal Track 10:07.00 9:56.69 8
3 Leetch, Kirsten See Jane Run 10:15.00 9:59.25 6
4 Troncoso, Carmen Unattached 10:10.00 10:06.60 5
5 Fischer, Tania See Jane Run 10:00.00 10:33.01 4
6 Taylor, Kelle See Jane Run 11:30.00 11:09.84 3
7 Harvey, Sabra Unattached 11:38.90 11:11.49 2
8 Laurie, Porter Club Northwe 11:10.00 11:18.19 1
9 Pozdnyakova, Tatyana Unattached 12:00.00 11:19.97
10 Harper, Joanna Team Red Liz 11:50.00 12:00.67
11 Groesz, Jeanette Unattached 11:59.45 12:12.82
12 Armstrong, Beth Team Red Liz 12:59.00 12:37.22
13 Puterbaugh, Candy Unattached 12:30.64 12:44.20
14 Vesey, Robin Unattached 12:20.00 12:54.92

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June 14, 2010

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  1. peter taylor - June 14, 2010

    Sabra Harvey is the real deal. I think I called her an emerging superstar last year, and I feel pretty good now about saying so at that time. Carmen Troncoso, for those who like to relate things to the mile, averaged 5:25.4 per mile in this Portland race. Yikes.

  2. Terry Ballou - June 14, 2010

    Those times are spectacular!! Congrats to all the women who competed—you represented the masters community well. Lisa Valle, you never cease to amaze me—way to go!
    And big congrats to all the men–don’t mean to leave you out. A great day all around for masters T&F.

  3. Carmel Papworth-Barnum - June 14, 2010

    What a super race! Congrats to all the women and a big thanks to Joanna Harper for showcasing women’s masters running. Don’t know how you managed to run Joanna, juggling race director and athlete roles would’ve been pretty stressful. Sounds like a great weekend with a wonderful group of women. Read about Joanna’s weekend here.

  4. Pam Immelman - June 14, 2010

    Go Sabra Go ! Congrats on your fantastic 3000m race, so happy I don’t race that distance !
    I would love to run against you just once in an 800m (and not finish too far behind) !!
    Your next world record is close !

    You inspire me to carry on running !

    Kind rgards

    Pam Immelman (61)
    South Africa

  5. peter taylor - June 14, 2010

    I understand from the other Web site (Women Running Together) that Sabra Harvey will be at Sacramento. I hope she enters the 800. Right now, we have 55 entrants in the 800, with regular entry set to close a week from Friday (June 25). I hope we can reach at least 210 entrants in the 800, and I believe we can reach (or almost reach) that figure. In 2006 in Charlotte we had 223 entrants in the 800.

    Mellow Johnny, that gives you an entree for asking me why I have become guardedly optimistic about the Sacramento turnout.

  6. Mary Harada - June 14, 2010

    Amazing 3k ladies – wish I had been there to bring up the rear.
    And where are the older women for the masters at SAC? Have they all moved into the old folks home or just lying on the couch eating bonbons? Sheeze – really – what gives?

  7. Mellow Johnny - June 15, 2010

    It dawned on me that while having nat’ls in Sacramento may help their cause on one hand with Worlds being there next year, it may hurt their cause on the other hand.

    People who will be going to Worlds next year from the East Coast may figure they only want (and can only afford) to make the trip once so are saving up for 2011.

    Still have 2 1/2 weeks so here’s hoping we get a flood of entries here towards the end.

  8. peter taylor - June 15, 2010

    Mellow Johnny, I knew I could bring you in. I see your point — for some people, Sacramento is a must, but they will do it only once, and that will be in 2011. Still, this is a first-class facility, it is our national championship, and it is running unopposed (no World Masters, no Senior Games, etc. this year). I remain guardedly optimistic.

    My rather bizarre reason for optimism is that we are indeed doing well in certain groups. For example, in the M70 400 dash we already have 10 competitors. On the other hand, M45 400 has only 3 in the 400. My rationale is that the final total for the M70 400 should be around 15, and it is highly improbable for the M70 400 to outdraw M45, M40, etc. in that race. Thus, Mellow Johnny, I believe that most of the groups doing poorly will eventually pull themselves up to have pretty good numbers.

    To respond to Mary Harada, in W65, W70, W75, W80, and W85 combined only 9 women have signed up for a running event (some for more than one). This reminds me of what a well-known W75 competitor (not yet entered) used to tell me about the Senior Games: She loved running there because she had women to run against. At this late date it is hard to be sanguine about these age groups, but I expect a few more entries.

    To conclude, Mellow Johnny, I now expect 1275 competitors for Sacramento based on the rather bizarre theory that the groups that are doing well are not aberrations and will eventually be followed by most of the other age groups.

  9. Mellow Johnny - June 15, 2010

    1275 would be a great turnout considering the current numbers, PT. Here’s hoping we get it.

    I’m definitely excited to see the facility. Was at the NCAA Champs last week at Hayward and the common sentiment is that Hayward is the only facility in the country better than Sacto.

  10. Ken Stone - June 16, 2010

    Great report by race organizer Joanna Harper is here:

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