M85 Brazilian thrower highlights South American WMA regionals

Mastersrankings.com reports that more than 1,500 athletes took part in the WMA South American Regional Championships that ended Sunday in Santiago, the Chilean capital. “Participants came from several nations outside of WMA’s South American Region including Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Curazao, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands and United States,” the story says. I found one Yank (M70 distancer Henry Weiland) and a Canadian (W55 multi-eventer Susanne Lauridsen). “The home country took home about 200 gold and over 550 total, Argentina won over 120 gold and 300 total and Brazil won the third most medals bringing home over 150 with over 75 being gold.” Brazil’s Takumi Matsushima set M85 South American records in the shot, discus, hammer and javelin. Here are women’s results, and here are men’s results. Lots of photos on meet’s Facebook page.

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November 12, 2017

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