Huntsman results are half-ass, and still incomplete

The meet in Utah has posted results. Finally. But track ended yesterday, and only Monday’s results were online early Thursday. Like a box score that lists only the runs by innings, these results from the Huntsman World Senior Games barely cover the meet, telling only the top three. And no clue as to whether any marks are in meet record territory. Guess I’m spoiled by Riccione. To save you the hassle of opening one PDF after another, I’ve collated results below. Anyway, the local St. George newspaper has run a few articles on the event, including this one about how Olympic skating legend Eric Heiden was about to turn 50 and was “scoping out” the competition for next year. Cute.

Here’s all we know at this point:

Track & Field – Standing Long Jump
Men 50-54
Gold, Donald Watson, Walnut Creek, CA, 9-10.00
Silver, Ricky Easley, Greenville, TX, 8-04.50
Bronze, Scott Christensen, Highland, UT, 8-01.00
Men 55-59
Gold, Michial Clark, Littleton, CO, 7-11.00
Silver, Terry Floyd, West Jordan, UT, 7-08.75
Bronze, George White, Salt Lake City, UT, 6-11.00
Men 60-64
Gold, Andy Pitas, Moab, UT, 8-09.00
Silver, John Galazin, Menan, ID, 8-01.00
Bronze, Richard Eyre, Salt Lake City, UT, 7-04.50
Men 65-69
Gold, Larry Rheams, Eureka, MO, 8-03.75
Silver, Herb Gee, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 8-00.50
Bronze, Troy Scoggins, Plano, TX, 8-00.50
Men 70-74
Gold, Paul Lissy, Las Vegas, NV, 7-03.75
Silver, Frank Michalek, Plainfield, IL, 7-02.50
Bronze, Gary Sims, Paradise, CA, 6-11.00
Men 75-79
Gold, Samuel Flory, Inglewood, CA, 6-09.00
Silver, Grant Twitchell, Bountiful, UT, 5-11.75
Bronze, Wayne Lang, ST. George, UT, 5-08.50
Men 80-84
Gold, Herb Wilkinson, Oceanside, CA, 5-08.75
Silver, John Buursema, West St. Paul, MN, 5-05.50
Bronze, Marvin Woodbury, St. George, UT, 5-04-.50
Men 85-89
Gold, Ralph Maxwell, Richville, MN, 5-08.00
Women 50-54
Gold, Kathy Corwell, Layton, UT, 6-01.75
Silver, Ainsley Lovell, Barbados, 5-10.00
Women 55-59
Gold, Linda Cohn, Northridge, CA, 7-01.75
Silver, Liz McBlain, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 5-06.75
Bronze, Linda Harris, Grants Pass, OR, 5-05.50
Women 60-64
Gold, Catherine Roberts, St. Albert, AB, Canada, 6-01.50
Silver, Terrie Godfrey, St. George, UT, 5-05.75
Bronze, Shirley Harper, Barbados, 5-03.50
Women 65-69
Gold, Kathy Zombor, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 5-08.25
Silver, Char Lane, Topeka, KS, 5-08.00
Bronze, Kathy Harper-Hall, Barbados, 5-00.00
Women 70-74
Gold, Audrey Lary, Frederick, MD, 6-04.25
Silver, Monica Tang-Wing, Trincity, Trinidad, 4-11.00
Bronze, Dee Anne Janne, Las Vegas, NV, 3-10.50
Women 75-79
Gold, Ethel Lehmann, Largo, FL, 4-07.25
Silver, Georgia Goggin, Dallas, TX, 4-07.25
Bronze, Joan Graves, Pacific, MO, 4-07.00
Women 85-89
Gold, Gladys Miller-Sajwaj, Riverton, WY, 2-08.50
Track & Field – Javelin 50-69
Men 50-54
Gold, Ricky Easley, Greenville, TX, 153-11.50
Silver, Doug Nelson, South Weber, UT, 139-01.50
Bronze, Charlie Mendoza, Vallejo, CA, 130-08.50
Men 55-59
Gold, Michael Olugbile, Portsmouth, OH, 81-11.50
Men 60-64
Gold, Jerry Ramsdell, Mesquite, NV, 141-03.00
Silver, Glenn Smith, Pleasant Grove, UT, 129-08.50
Bronze, Ron Tienhaara, Mossyrock, WA, 122-11.00
Men 65-69
Gold, Peter La Barge, Dallas, TX, 133-01.50
Silver, Thomas Fulton, Lady Lake, FL, 123-08.50
Bronze, James Cochran, Medford, OR, 114-02.00
Track & Field – High Jump Men 70+ – Women
Men 70-74
Gold, James Ware, Indianapolis, IN, 4-06.00
Silver, Doug Spainhower, Fruit Heights, UT, 4-04.00
Bronze, Ralph Reiche, Fruit Heights, UT, 4-02.00
Men 75-79
Gold, James Stookey, Dickerson, MD, 4-02.00
Silver, Samuel Flory, Inglewood, CA, 4-00.00
Bronze, Donald Leis, Pasadena, CA, 3-06.00
Men 80-84
Gold, Richard Soller, North Bend, OH, 3-06.00
Silver, Herb Wilkinson, Oceanside, CA, 3-06.00
Bronze, Lex Marcusen, Fruit Heights, UT, 3-04.00
Men 85-89
Gold, Ralph Maxwell, Richville, MN, 3-06.00
Women 50-54
Gold, Kathy Corwell, Layton, UT, 4-02.00
Silver, Janita Austin, Barbados, 4-00.00
Women 55-59
Gold, Liz McBlain, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 3-04.00
Women 60-64
Gold, Bonnie Bell, St. Charles, MO, 3-00.00
Silver, Jeane Hallin, Crestline, CA, 2-10.00
Women 65-69
Gold, Marg Radcliffe, Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada, 3-08.00
Silver, Ingeborg Siegers, Koeln, Germany, 3-02.00
Women 70-74
Gold, Claranell Covington, Friendsville, TN, 2-08.00
Women 75-79
Gold, Joan Graves, Pacific, MO, 3-04.00
Silver, Bridgitte Langer, Wayland, WA, 2-10.00
Track & Field – Shot Put
Men 50-54
Gold, Tony Frazier, Kaysville, UT, 34-05.00
Silver, David Litchford, American Fork, UT, 33-09.25
Bronze, Alden Yates, St. George, UT, 30-07.50
Men 55-59
Gold, Michael Deller, Cedar City, UT, 40-08.00
Silver, Lee Stevens, Provo, UT, 35-00.00
Bronze, Michael Olugbile, Portsmouth, OH, 27-10.00
Men 60-64
Gold, James Loosbrock, Moorpark, CA, 45-08.50
Silver, Ralph Check, Endicott, NE, 36-07.00
Bronze, Ron Tienhaara, Mossyrock, WA, 33-11.75
Men 65-69
Gold, Thomas Fulton, Lady Lake, FL, 40-00.00
Silver, Riley O’Neil, Sandy, UT, 38-06.75
Bronze, Larry Rheams, Eureka, MO, 38-04.50
Men 70-74
Gold, Paul Lissy, Las Vegas, NV, 44-09.25
Silver, William Edwards, Cincinnati, OH, 39-11.50
Bronze, Ron Anderson, McPherson, KS, 34-00.50
Men 75-79
Gold, Grant Twitchell, Bountiful, UT, 30-05.00
Silver, Del Alaways, Chico, CA, 29-08.50
Bronze, Ray Guimary, Portland, OR, 28-03.00
Men 80-84
Gold, Herb Wilkinson, Oceanside, CA, 27-11.00
Silver, Marvin Woodbury, St. George, UT, 26-06.00
Bronze, Lex Marcusen, Fruit Heights, UT, 24-11.00
Women 50-54
Gold, Janita Austin, Barbados, 30-06.00
Silver, Fiona Webb, St. George, UT, 19-02.00
Women 55-59
Gold, Linda Cohn, Northridge, CA, 31-04.00
Silver, Liz McBlain, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 30-05.00
Bronze, Linda Harris, Grants Pass, OR, 28-11.00
Women 60-64
Gold, Esther Worrell, Barbados, 30-10.00
Silver, Catherine Roberts, St. Albert, AB, Canada, 26-09.00
Bronze, Kathy Jager, Glendale, AZ, 25-04.50
Women 65-69
Gold, Wendy Dickson, Moab, UT, 23-00.00
Silver, Ingeborg siegers, Koeln, Germany, 21-06.00
Bronze, Irma Riley, Dow Village, Trinidad, 21-04.00
Women 70-74
Gold, Madelaine Cazel, The Villages, FL, 23-07.00
Silver, Dee Anne Janne, Las Vegas, NV, 21-08.00
Bronze, Monica Tang-Wing, Trincity, Trinidad, 18-08.00
Women 75-79
Gold, Joan Graves, Pacific, MO, 20-04.00
Silver, Ethel Lehmann, Largo, FL, 19-09.50
Bronze, Magdalena Kuehne, Tujunga, CA, 17-01.00
Women 80-84
Gold, Dee Briggs-Thomas, St. George, UT, 14-07.00
Road Races – 10K
Men 50-54
Gold, Heath Hibbard, Montrose, CO, 36:40.8
Silver, Rich Sallstrom, West Bountiful, UT, 38:44.6
Bronze, Richard Mayer, Greensboro, NC, 42:59.0
Men 55-59
Gold, Don White, Whitehorse, YT, Canada, 40:33.9
Silver, William Cerny, Orem, UT, 42:37.5
Bronze, Ron van Meenen, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 47:29.2
Men 60-64
Gold, Aurelio Herrera, Las Vegas, NV, 44:06.6
Silver, Jim Judkins, Mesquite, NV, 45:26.0
Bronze, Bruce Manziello, Prescott, AZ, 45:35.8
Men 65-69
Gold, Bill Borla, Torrington, CT, 38:59.5
Silver, Harlan Van Blaricum, Dexter, MI, 47:44.1
Bronze, Jerald Klein, Ouray, CO, 49:13.7
Men 70-74
Gold, Thomas Ellis, Flagstaff, AZ, 46:56.1
Silver, Jerry Le Vasseur, Brunswick, ME, 47:02.4
Bronze, Ken Ogden, Salem, OR, 48:47.3
Men 75-79
Gold, Paul Flanagan, Longview, WA, 49:31.8
Silver, Delbert Camp, Griggsville, IL, 50:03.2
Men 80-84
Gold, Howard Mayer, Desoto, TX, 1:16:34.3
Silver, Sid Smith, Salt Lake City, UT, 1:19:22.6
Men 85-89
Gold, Jim Hamilton, Cullowhee, NC, 1:05:03.4
Women 50-54
Gold, Lynn Colgren, Salt Lake City, UT, 47:59.3
Silver, Denise Gaither, Olympia, WA, 50:52.5
Women 55-59
Gold, Sherri Hall-Curl, Costa Mesa, CA, 42:05.3
Silver, Carolyn Lyman, Salt Lake City, UT, 45:50.7
Bronze, Jackie Eddy, Sooke, BC, Canada, 45:52.1
Women 60-64
Gold, Barbara Fredenburg, Richland, WA, 53:42.8
Silver, Kathleen Frable, Ivins, UT, 55:22.4
Bronze, Melinda Berge, Park City, UT, 59:42.7
Women 65-69
Gold, Jana Jacobs, St. George, UT, 54:34.6
Silver, Donna Wooldridge, Tucson, AZ, 54:51.7
Bronze, Grace Dyck, Granby, CO, 55:15.5
Women 70-74
Gold, Wilma Calvin, Laguna Niguel, CA, 56:21.8
Silver, Tami Graf, Lusby, MD, 57:00.0
Bronze, Della Works, Casper, WY, 1:19:27.7
Women 75-79
Gold, Lee Glassco, McLean, VA, 1:21:44.4
Women 80-84
Gold, Dottie Gray, Shrewsbury, MO, 1:26:01.5
Silver, Lillie Doss, Austin, TX, 1:36:06.2

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October 11, 2007

3 Responses

  1. Milan Jmarich - October 11, 2007

    Maybe we should not expect much interest in online reporting from people who still compete in the standing long jump :-). Milan

  2. Linda Cohn - October 11, 2007

    I can understand your frustration with the delayed online results from the Huntsman World Senior Games. Yes it takes a while for them to post the results, but that is just one small facet of this track meet.
    In fact the track and field events are just one part of these games which this year attracted over 10,000 senior athletes. I have participated at Huntsman every year since I became eligible (five years ago) and I treasure every minute of my time spent there.
    My personal feeling is that we are fortunate that the track meet at the Huntsman World Senior Games will be a part of the future of masters track and field. The people who organize this event do everything within their power to make this a very well run meet that attracts athletes from all over the world.
    There are some elite athletes, yet there are many people who are new to the world of track and field (as I was when I first went to this meet 5 years ago). Yes they include the standing long jump, I in fact attempted it this year.
    It’s harder than you might think, and it was fun. Those of you who know me are aware that I am very serious about being the best track and field athlete I can be, but what helps to make me passionate about this sport is participating in track meets with wonderful people like those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

  3. Milan Jamrich - October 12, 2007

    Standing long jump is a good exercise. Of course, last time it was a part of the Olympic Games was 1912. Today, Norway is the only country where the standing long jump is a National Championships event.

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