IAAF boss Seb Coe enters M60 group, but says he won’t compete

Seb has cred. Why not run?

IAAF Prez Sebastian Coe turned 60 on Thursday, and Athletics Weekly tried to get him to say he’ll consider masters track. He didn’t take the bait. AW writes: “Having watched such incredible competition unfold in Rio, was there a small part of Coe that was itching to pull on the spikes again and be out there competing?” Seb says: “I do love running. That’s the one thing I will always do.” Then AW says: “Asked if he’s ever tempted back to the track, however, and the answer is unequivocal. ‘No. That’s an easy answer,’ he says. ‘I’ve often watched people, as they get older, running a good distance but actually if you’re not careful it can make you look like running on broken bottles after a few years. So actually maintaining stride length – and maintaining a few drills – is a good way of maintaining what I’ve got left in my knees and hip flexors!’” Would love to see him be a geezer track role model, though. Even if it hurts — and looks funny.

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September 29, 2016

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