Incredible M40 WR: Tony Whiteman breaks 1:50 barrier in 800

Two-time British Olympian Tony Whiteman turned 40 last November, but his latest 800 meters was that of an elite collegian. Running at the Loughborough International Athletics Meet on Sunday, he burned two laps in an incredible 1:48.28, blasting through the 1:50 barrier and crushing the listed M40 world record of 1:50.34 by Jim Sorensen. (See results here.) I’ve also discovered that he ran an indoor WR 1500 meters in 3:44.12 this season, nipping the listed WR of 3:44.39 by Russia’s Vyacheslav Shabunin. This puts Tony on track to be the first M40 to run a sub-4 outdoor mile (which is his stated goal.) Here’s the 800 WR race:

Here’s a recap of Sunday’s race:

Humber Runner store manager Tony Whiteman was in fantastic form at the annual Loughborough International Athletics Meet on Sunday 20th May. Competing in a high standard 800m race Tony rolled back the years against his younger opposition to finish 5th in a new Vet 40 World Record of 1 min 48.28 secs. The record was previously held by American 800m legend Johnny Gray.

Tony, who’s main aim this year is to become the first man over 40 years old to run a sub 4 minute mile outdoors, will now return to a short period of training before flying to the United States to attack the 1 mile record in Nashville.

The Nashville meet apparently is the Music City Distance Carnival, which has a reputation for fast miles.

And according to this UK rankings site, Tony is in the top 10 nationally. Woohoo! Go Tony, go!

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May 24, 2012

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  1. peter taylor - May 24, 2012

    Absolutely sensational effort by Tony. I’m sorry that his world indoor record of 3:44.12 in the 1500 was not accepted, and I hope that this 1:48.28 in the outdoor 800 will be.

    Wonder what meet will be in Nashville; let me check.
    …Well, I found a Music City Mile on August 16, but that seems to be a road race. Not clear why Tony would cross the Atlantic to run in a road race if his goal is to break 4:00 in an outdoor track mile.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. peter taylor - May 24, 2012

    So much for rushing through the article. The meet must surely be the Music City Distance Carnival, which comes up next week (June 2). And it IS on the track (Vanderbilt University).

  3. Byrke Beller - May 24, 2012


  4. Terry Parks - May 25, 2012

    I read about this yesterday on Let’s Run. It is incredibly fast and it seems that Masters Track is getting more competive every year. With 1:48 speed he has the wheels for sub 4 and given his quick 1500 times he is definitely a 800/1500 type, so sub 4 at 40 should be in the cards for him.

  5. Fred - May 25, 2012

    1:48!!!! Absolutely jaw dropping, congradulations to Tony….definately inspirational

  6. Ron Kochanowicz - May 25, 2012


    Pete, why was his 3:44.12 in the 1500 not accepted? There’s a video of the race and it looked to be FAT’d? What gives? Did he have to run around the place with a stack of papers in his hand gathering umpteen signatures and a blessing from the Queen?

  7. peter taylor - May 25, 2012

    Well, Ron, why did it take approximately six updates of the world indoor marks (about a year or so) before Joy Upshaw got her world record in the 200 dash (from Albuquerque) even though it took Bill Collins about 2 weeks to get his world mark in the 200 from the same meet?

    Why has Mary Kirsling not gotten her FAT record in the 800 (W85) from Albuquerque almost 15 months later?

    Why did it take Anselm LeBourne “forever” to get his indoor marks accepted?

    Why did Donelle Dunning not get any recognition for his two records in the 60 dash in Bloomington, even though Bill Collins was credited in about 2 weeks (or less) with a world record in the 60 at the same meet?

    Why was Stacey Nieder’s 2010 indoor high jump record for W40, which was set at nationals in Boston in 2010, simply tossed aside?

    Why has Renee Henderson’s 7.86 in the 60, also set at Boston 2010, been consigned to perpetual “pending” status even now, 2 years and 2 months later? She ran the time, it was FAT, and she had the ability to run that time.

    If you know the answers to these questions, Ron, I will pick up 50% of the cost of your lemonade at the next big outdoor meet at which I see you.

  8. tOnY yOuNg - May 25, 2012

    Hell on Wheels!!!

  9. Ken stone - May 25, 2012

    Whiteman’s indoor 1500 record even escaped notice of world-class statmeister Ivar Sodelind on the Eurovets site at:

  10. peter taylor - May 25, 2012

    Sorry for sounding a little harsh, Ron K. You’re a fine runner out of Missouri University of Science & Technology, and I hope you will be able to make Lisle.

    Don’t know what happened to Tony Whiteman’s 1500 record. Just went the way of a thousand others, I suppose.


  11. Ron Kochanowicz - May 25, 2012

    Hi Pete, It seemed from your earlier post there was a definitive reason Whiteman’s 1500m M40 WR was not accepted. Now I understand there may be nothing wrong at all other than the master’s T & F Mandarins seem to be asleep at the switch. Which makes your frustration understandable.

    I plan to be in Lisle racing the 5000m and 1500m. See you there!
    Also, you pronounce my last name: Ko-han-o-witz.

  12. peter taylor - May 26, 2012

    Thanks, Ron. I really did think it was Ko – KHAN – o – witz. Oh, well, I just make my best guesses.

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