Irene Obera training for W85 domination at 2020 Toronto worlds

In a BBC video shot at Chabot (sha-BOW) College across the bay from San Francisco, Irene Obera shows her great running form at age 84 and aims to enter 2020 Toronto worlds, where she’ll dominate the W85 age group. She’s the subject of what the Brits call “ageing” research. “Her only period of ill-health was self inflicted — when she dropped a weight on her toe in the gym,” says the story by medical correspondent Fergus Walsh. “As with all the superagers I’ve met, Irene retains a positive attitude — her horizons have not narrowed as she has aged. She is socially connected; as well as all the people she meets through sport, Irene volunteers in her local community.” That’s no surprise. Rocking-chair folks shut out the world. Fergus adds: “As part of this series of reports on superagers I’ll be looking at two drugs which some scientists believe could target the ageing process.” Hope they’re not on the WADA banned list. (Click through to see video.)

Irene talks about liking being called inspirational. We can all aspire to that.

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December 18, 2017

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  1. Rob Jerome - December 19, 2017

    Wonderful video. Irene is a powerful spokesperson not only for Masters but also for what it means to age successfully. Way to go, Reno!

  2. Steve Wennerstrom - December 19, 2017

    Irene’s coverage appeared on the evening news last night in Los Angeles. Very nice piece on her!

  3. Peter L. Taylor - December 19, 2017

    As the saying goes, Irene Obera is “The Truth.” She’s the female Bob Lida, and he’s the male Irene Obera.

    I love it when people who have celebrated more Thanksgivings than I have can run away from me as if I’m standing still, especially when they do it with good form.

    Yes, 80 is the new 55, and I like that idea.

  4. Doug Smith - January 10, 2018

    Irene will be the only athlete who competed at the first WMA Championships in Toronto in 1975.

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