Italian trounces W45 indoor triple jump world record with 37-8

Elisa Neviani

My Italian masters friend Andrea Benatti passes along some world-class triple jump news. Here’s his post, translated poorly: “Shocking news from the second day of the meeting of Modena, dated January 9: Elisa Neviani (04/29/1965) has gone where no woman in the universe in fact sports (from W45 and above) had never driven before in the triple jump: 11.49 (37-8 1/4), ie less than 41 centimeters more than the previous record of Seillac Catherine French, who established master of the world championships in Linz in 2006. The jump of Neviani becomes the 20th world indoor record is currently held by Italian athletes, the second in the triple jump with that of the legendary Vittorio Colo between the M90, which resists since 2003. The jump to second among the women, with that in the auction W50 Carla Forcellini.

More from Andrea:

And only three Italian women currently hold world records indoor of the master: the two mentioned Neviani and dropouts and the other hall-of-Famer Mazzenga Emma, who holds the record from 60 to 800 including the W75.

Of course the 11, 49 is also the Italian record, which improves the same Neviani jumped 10.62 in February 2010 in Aosta. The jump is even more than a meter better than the Italian outdoor record set in September by Luisa Celesia Syracuse (10:39).

The Neviani is probably the greatest triple jumper master of Italian athletics history: think, two gold medals at the World Outdoor (Riccione San Sebastian ’07 and ’05), and two golds at the World Indoor (Clermont Linz ’08 and ’06) all won in the W40 class. On the other hand, three silver W35: at the World Indoor Championships in Sindelfingen ’04, and two of Euroindoor Eskistuna San Sebastian ’05 and ’03. In 8 master participation in international events, only in 2004 in Aarhus (European outdoor) Neviani has not reached the podium.

At the same meeting of Modena has highlighted yet Susanna Tellini (1966) 4.80 in the long jump, only 8 inches from the national record of W45 Carla dropouts. 4.69 instead for Rossella Zanni, also not far from the same record auction in Rome.

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January 12, 2011

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  1. Lesley Richardson - January 12, 2011

    Awesome jumping Elisa, bravo.

  2. Mary Harada - January 12, 2011

    It is Emma Mazzenga – not the other way around – just being picky – but even the translation machine should know the difference between what is obviously a first name and a surname.
    And Emma Mazzenga is a very fine sprinter up to and including the 800 meters. I hope she makes it to the WMA SAC meet.

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