Kathy Bergen crushes W75 world record in 100 at Mt. SAC Relays

Kathy sets W75 WR at Mt. SAC.

Kathy clocked 15.31 seconds.

Kathy Bergen didn’t win a masters exhibition event at Saturday’s Mt. SAC Relays. But the ladies and gentlemen who took the 100s and 800s (and a men’s hammer throw in the morning) were utterly overshadowed by the new 75-year-old from the L.A. suburb of La Cañada Flintridge. Kathy clocked 15.31 in a wind-legal race won by 51-year-old Charrie Dickerson in 14.71. The listed WR is 15.82 by Canada’s Christa Bortignon in 2013. Winning the men’s 100 was 39-year-old Matt Walker in 11.74, edging 62-year-old Damien Leake in 12.06 (with a legal 1.7 mps wind). The M60 American record is 11.83, so that’s moving! The 800s went to the husband-and-wife team of Mike Smith, 45, in 2:04.13 and Kim Smith, 43, in 2:19.66. Incredibly notable in second was 55-year-old Ray Knerr in 2:04.75. Ray’s time beats the listed American record of 2:06.53, but Anselm LeBourne has several faster outdoor marks. Many more details coming in my report for National Masters News.

Women's 100 winner Charrie Dickerson  congratulates Kathy. Photos by Chris Stone

Charrie Dickerson, the 100 winner, congratulates Kathy. Chris Stone photos

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April 18, 2015

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  1. Peter L. Taylor - April 19, 2015

    Nicely done, Kathy. Lest we forget, Kathy has the world records for W70 in both the 200 (31.39) and 100 (14.76). In other words, a ratio of 2.1267 to 1. Thus, based on the 15.31 reported here, we can predict a 32.56 in the 200 for Kathy if the conditions are right.

    I’m guessing that Kathy will go for the world mark in the 200 at Jacksonville nationals (Christa Bortignon has the current record of 33.86).

    Congratulations also to the fleet Damien Leake. His battle this coming Friday at the Penn Relays with third-seeded Oscar Peyton and the top seed, Thomas Jones, should be worth the price of admission to that venerable meet.

  2. Liz Palmer - April 19, 2015

    This is shaping up to be a banner year for potential US candidates for IAAF Masters AOY. Put Kathy’s name in the mix!

  3. Linda Cohn - April 19, 2015

    Congratulations Kathy! You make it look easy, but it is so difficult to accomplish what everyone (including yourself) expects you to do.
    I hope that you succeed this year beyond your wildest expectations!

  4. Rita Hanscom - April 19, 2015

    Fabulous and stunning. Congrats to you! Don’t know how you continue to burn up the track, and high jump, and play tennis, and chase around grandchildren. Or, maybe that’s the training tip for the rest of us. Well rounded, cross training, and fun. Stay with it!!

  5. al cestero - April 19, 2015

    rita… sounds to me as if that’s her secret…go…go..go…!!! congratulations to kathy for being awsome ..!

  6. pat kelly - April 20, 2015

    Congratulations, Kathy! It was exciting to be on the track with you as you set your new world record. You’re awesome!

  7. Horace Grant - April 20, 2015

    Congratulations on your 800 Ray. I watched the video… Excellent run!

  8. Weia Reinboud - April 20, 2015

    Awfully fast Kathy!

  9. Karen Vaughn - April 20, 2015

    Congrats, Kathy!

  10. Christa Bortignon - April 21, 2015

    Congratulations Kathy!
    I see that we will be competing in Lyon, as we did in Sacramento in 2011. See you there.

  11. Scott Bergen - April 21, 2015

    Way to go, mom!

  12. Jim bergen - April 21, 2015

    Way to go mom. Could not be more proud. Not sure why none of us 5 kids got any running speed. Look forward to more records to come. Keep it up mom and dad.

  13. Freddie Braxton - April 21, 2015

    And Kathy is so nice while she runs away from you without any apparent effort!

  14. Louise Guardino - April 23, 2015

    Incredible, Kathy! But not unexpected (for you, that is.) The younger women in that event are lucky that you were not closer to them in age. Just imagine!

    Keep on rocking it!

  15. Suzan Belfield - April 27, 2015

    Kathy you’re an inspiration to many including myself. Good luck this season

  16. Bert Bergen, Jr. - April 27, 2015

    Keep it up mom. See you in the pool for training soon?!?

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