Kay Glynn at 62 still the bee’s knees as a dancer, holiday poster girl

 Click for Kay in all candy cane glory.

Click for Kay in all candy cane glory.

Another mcom exclusive! Kay Glynn, W60 vaulter and hurdler, shares her 8th annual Christmas Card from Iowa. She writes: “This is not an optical illusion or fancy Photoshopping.  It’s just a coordination of body parts; although at 62, some body parts are getting to be less cooperative!” After a long recovery from hip surgery, she’s headed for another: “I will be getting my other hip resurfaced down in South Carolina in January — same arthritis issue. This time I didn’t have to do the research. I know what works. I’ve had two birthdays since my last hip resurfacing, and my right hip is working great!” Here, Kay performs holiday routines with Something to Tap About at the Oak View Mall in Omaha on Dec. 13, 2015. Average age of the ladies is 53.

Kay adds: 
I haven’t been able to run since September, which was when I had finally worked my way back to 9-6 in the pole vault. That was exciting. Since then, I’ve just been doing whatever acrobats I can still maneuver, and I’ve been trying to work on some buffness with my weights! 

The most difficult and painful activity that I do is a day of shopping! Although I won’t be able to start jogging again until the end of July, I’m really looking forward to the day that I will be bionically balanced and completely back to doing what I do! 
With some carefully thought-out choreography and lots of practice, I’m enjoying the holiday season with my Something to Tap About dancing group!   Something to Tap About is also on Facebook.
I am already looking forward to seeing all my track friends on the track again. In the meantime, I’ll just be keepin’ up with ya all at masterstrack! Hope your holidays are joyful and good luck to a healthy new year!

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December 15, 2015

3 Responses

  1. Barry Warmerdam - December 15, 2015

    Walking across the room on your hands is pretty darned impressive, Kay!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Robin - January 28, 2016

    After 6 1/2 months my hip hurts so stinking bad. It limits what I can do. It wakes me up at night IF it lets me go to sleep. I had the anterior procedure. I will be seeing my primary care doctor on Tuesday to get a RX for another round of physical therapy. I do walk a lot inside the house. Too much snow and ice to do anything outside. Pain pills don’t help.
    I am so glad to see doing so well. By the way I am 72 1/2 years old.

  3. Kevin - March 15, 2016

    Hey Kay ,all though a little late on this msg commenting
    on Ur Xmass pic ( awesome ) I’m a 64 yr old guy
    post 11/17/2015 total hip replaced
    Now just 11 days from a lower S1,and L 4 and 5
    fusion ( rods and plates )
    Although I’m told no more roller hockey
    I plan on vaulting again in about a yr
    I m pretty sure I can work towards the 66 to 70
    Age bracket , ( 12′ 5 ” ) and break that !
    You my dear are a great influence , thanks
    Homer T ( K Shaw )

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