Keith Bateman’s book bonus: videos on how to run, fix knees

Aussie supermaster Keith Bateman and co-author Heidi Jones have begun posting video extras to their new book “Older Yet Faster.” Here’s Heidi with a knee exercise. Below is how Keith begins teaching his running technique — kind of like starting floppers out with a scissors. But I thought running was supposed to be a natural movement, not something that starts with leaning forward during butt-kicks. “This is ‘Keith’s Game-changer,’ a unique drill which really is a game-changer for Keith’s clients every day,” Keith writes on YouTube. Now how about a how-to-hurdle clip? (Especially alternating lead legs.)

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December 26, 2014

3 Responses

  1. MikeF - December 26, 2014

    This was great…thanks for sharing Keith’s drill!

  2. tb - December 26, 2014

    “Pose” running, isn’t it?

  3. Keith Bateman - January 17, 2015

    No definitely not pose or any other ‘type’ of running. 🙂

    Any description of running must relate to basic physics so there will obviously be similarities. I specifically say do not do some things that apparently POSE and Chi say to do – it’s bad physics in My opinion. This exercise is unique as far as i know – and just one of what I think are original – I have not studied other ways of doing things, deliberately so as not to be influenced.

    With people who do not land the foot under the hips (almost everyone) – the foot will travel lower, slow and land in front of the hips. This exercise makes the foot move higher, faster and land slightly behind the hips. Then a gradual adjustment brings the 2 together. It’s like reverse-engineering – at it works beautifully, especially with supervision

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