Kim Collins, in final elite race, beats listed WR for M40 60 meters

Kim at 2016 Manchester meet.

Kim Collins ran 60 meters in 6.77 in the IAAF world indoor meet heats, then was a DNS in a semifinal won by kiddie WR man Christian Coleman. Now it seems Kim, at 41, is a DNS for life. He told reporters in Birmingham that he’s hanging up his spikes. “This is it. My last competition. I just can’t do it any more,” he said. He also joked about his interactions with rivals: “I keep telling them I could be their father so they need to give me some respect! Some of them don’t like it that their mum is my biggest fan — but it’s all fun and games.” He’s been a staple of these pages for years, for setting world age-group records: 9.93 for 100 as M40 and 6.47 for 60 indoor as M35. (His 6.77 at worlds also beats the listed WMA WR of 6.78 by Holland’s Troy Douglas in 2003. But Kim, of St. Kitts & Nevis, ran 6.60 a month earlier in Karlsruhe, Germany. Compare that with the Daegu WMA indoor winning times of 7.04 for M40 and 7.18 for M35.) I’ve learned never to say never, and I hope Kim gets the itch at 50 or beyond. He still has wheels. (But will someone make sure he gets credit for an M40 WR at 60?)

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March 8, 2018

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  1. ventsi - March 9, 2018

    On 4 February 2017 Kim ran 60m for 6.52 sec. in Mondeville, France (check section “progression”):

    That should be the actual WR in M40.
    Even if this competition did not meet some requirements, he ran many times faster than the listed WR, both last winter and this winter.
    However, one year is not enough for WMA statisticians to react (I have never been a fan of them).

  2. Ken Stone - April 3, 2018

    Jumped the gun, Kim did. He’s not done yet:

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