Lesley Hinz named USATF Athlete of the Week for Landover marks

USATF chose Lesley Hinz as its Athlete of the Week last week, but didn’t post the news until today (Wednesday) — 10 days after Landover nationals. Better late than never, Indy. We forgive you. (Here’s what site looked like Tuesday.) USATF wrote: “Lesley Hinz (Atlanta, Georgia) broke the women’s age 60-64 world indoor record in the 800 meters at the USATF Masters Indoor Championships at Landover, Maryland, to earn USATF Athlete of the Week. Hinz won by 22 seconds in 2:36.57 to break the previous WR of 2:37.67, set in 2012 by Britain’s Agnes Hitchmough. She also chopped more than three seconds off Kathy Martin’s existing American record. Hinz opened the meet with a dominant victory in the 400m, clocking 69.47 to win by almost seven seconds.” (She followed that up with a mile WR as well.)

Lesley ran (and dressed) like an elite kid at Landover. Photo by Dave Albo

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March 28, 2018

3 Responses

  1. Don Burkett - March 28, 2018

    Congrats Lesley! Well deserved with two World Records and a sizzling 400m time within a week.

  2. Matt B. - March 28, 2018

    10 years ago ranked #1 in US with a 2:37.85 and 69.25 indoors. Really hasn’t slowed at all- incredible!

  3. Peter L. Taylor - March 28, 2018

    Yes, Don and Matt B., Lesley is the real deal. When you’re as good as she is you deserve widespread recognition, and this will help.

    She’s a young 60, and she can fly. What’s not to like? I sense the Masters Hall of Fame in Lesley’s future.

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