Lyon video nice, but where’s handbook for the General Assembly?

The YouTube description says: “Video clip in tribute to sprint and middle-distances runners. Pierre Coquelle for the World Masters Athletics Championships – LYON 2015. Music by Tobu.” Digital and social media are doing a great job of piecemeal coverage (especially on Facebook), but I’m dismayed that after days of inquiries, I can’t get a digital copy of the Lyon General Assembly handbook. This booklet appeared in digital form at 2009 Lahti worlds, 2011 Sacramento worlds and 2013 Porto Alegre worlds. Among other things, it tells delegates to Thursday’s meeting what rule or bylaw changes are up for vote. So unless you were lucky enough to get the hard copy, you’re in the dark on what’s going down. Now I’m making an appeal to anyone: Take cellphone shots of the pages with “change” proposals and email them to me. I’ll post them as searchable PDFs — and give the rest of the world at least a tiny heads up.

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August 11, 2015

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  1. David E. Ortman (M62), Seattle, WA - August 12, 2015

    Yes, it would be very helpful to know about any rules or bylaws changes.

    Unless there is a new bid, it looks like Thursday either Spain or Italy will receive the 2018 WMA Outdoor Championships. Rumor has it that the Venice, Italy sites are as much as an hour apart and that two of the tracks are just six lanes.

    It appears that one reason that schedules are hard to manage is that multiple stadiums must be used to run prelims/semis/finals from M/W30 to M/W95+.

    Perhaps it is time for WMA to do what the US National Senior Games do, namely run a split week meet. The first week for M/W30-59 and the second week for M/W60+. No difference for the officials, but it might mean making due with fewer stadiums and a better schedule.

  2. Mary Harada - August 13, 2015

    A split schedule will end up cramming too many events into a week just as happens with the National Senior Games. That meet has many fewer events as well. The solution may be to hold the meet in some,far fling location that is outrageously expensive so few can afford to attend.
    I am joking of course.

  3. David E. Ortman (M62), Seattle, WA - August 13, 2015

    Response to Ms. Harada #2. The US National Senior Games split schedule is tight because they try to cram the 50-64 and 65+ into a three day schedule with some spillover to a four day.

    Our own National Indoor Meet uses basically a two day schedule with the previous day originally dedicated to the Indoor Pent, although some other events now clutter it up. Similarly, our National Outdoor Meet uses a three day schedule with the previous day also originally dedicated to the Outdoor Pent, but, alas, other events often inhibit a smooth pent schedule. In addition, the US Deca championships are held separately.

    One problem with the current WMA schedule is the need to incorporate the Deca/Hept championships. This eats up two days and depletes athletes who would otherwise excel in individual events.

    If the WMA deca/hept were a separate stand-alone competition, there should be no problem with running a split M/W30-59 WMA meet for six days – Officials day off – then M/W60+ for the next six days.

    Or if the deca/hept have to be contested at WMA:

    M/W 30-59
    Day 1 Deca/Hept 1
    Day 2 Deca/Hept 2
    Day 3 Non-deca Hept events (e.g. Hammer/TJ, 200m, etc.)
    Day 4 T-F events
    Day 5 T-F events
    Day 6 T-F events
    Day 7 T-F events
    Day 8 Officials day off

    M/W 60+
    Day 9 Deca/Hept 1
    Day 10 Deca/Hept 2
    Day 11 Non-deca Hept events (e.g. Hammer/TJ, 200m, etc.)
    Day 12 T-F Events
    Day 13 T-F Events
    Day 14 T-F Events
    Day 15 T-F Events

    Five T&F days available and not much total time difference from the current WMA 13 day total schedule.

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