M45 Allen Woodard lowers own 400 WR to astounding 49.09

Last April, Allen Woodard of Houston was open about his 400-meter goal: sub-49 at age 46. A year later, he’s closer still. At Saturday’s Texas Southern University Relays, Allen clocked an incredible 49.09 against the kiddies to lower his own listed M45 outdoor American record of 49.32 at 2016 Grand Rapids nationals. (The listed WR is Allen’s 49.69. Go figure. And he also has an unratified 49.12 from last May.) On the Age-Graded Tables, 49.09 is worth an open time of 43.7. Allen’s all-time PR is 45.8 in an injury-shortened career. The season is young, and so is Allen. How much faster can he get? Here’s a video of Allen’s 49.12:

Here’s how Allen fared against the kidlets:

Event 629 Men 400 Meter Dash Open
Name Year School Finals H# Alternate
1 Landburg, Jordan SR Unattached 47.46 2
2 Roland, Lestrod SR Elite Performance 47.68 2
3 Mills, Gerald SO Unattached 48.76 1
4 Kirby, DJ SR Face 1 Training 48.85 1
5 Woodard, Allen SR 2nd MD Racing 49.09 2
6 James, Jamil SR Elite Performance 50.07 1
7 LUNGS, D’AVONTI SR Speed PRO 50.35 3
8 Barnes, Robert SR Speed PRO 50.71 2
9 Brown, Darnell SR Track Headz 52.14 3
10 Williams, Courtney SR Elite Performance 52.24 2
11 Houston, Harold SO Unattached 53.00 1
12 Oritsetimeyin, Lacarl SR Speed concept 53.18 1

66th Annual TSU Relays – 3/17/2017 to 3/18/2017
Texas Southern University

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March 19, 2017

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  1. Peter L. Taylor - March 19, 2017

    Thanks again, Ken, for following the “Allen Woodard Story,” as it’s such an amazing tale. As you may know, the world outdoor records were updated very recently; in fact, the update was just 12 days ago.

    The M45 world record holder in the 400 is someone named Allen Roy “Woodward,” which must surely be Allen. The record? 49.69. Apparently, the 49.32 that Allen ran last summer at nationals in Michigan was rejected as a world record. It was, however, accepted as a national record.

  2. Peter L. Taylor - March 19, 2017

    My apologies, Ken. Yes, you did note in your story that the listed WR is 49.69 by Allen (from 2015). The American record is 49.32, also by Allen and set at Grand Rapids nationals, but as I noted above, it did not get confirmed as a world mark.

    Oh, I see the problem; you presented the 49.32 as the listed M45 WR but in the next sentence said the listed WR was 49.69.

  3. Ken Stone - March 19, 2017

    Oh, my bad, Pete. I’ve changed 49.32 reference to “listed American record.”

  4. Peter L. Taylor - March 19, 2017

    Thanks, Ken. This, of course, is of more than academic interest. As you know, the Sierra Gold masters meet will be held exactly 2 months from tomorrow, as they will “tee it up” on May 20 in Grass Valley, California.

    If you set an American record you get $500, while a world record wins you $1000. If you’re in M45 and run 49.67, better than the listed world mark, you will be first in line asking for your check. “Sir, the time of 49.69 is not the real world record” will not be taken kindly, I’m afraid.

    “OK, I’ll take $500 for an American record.” “Sir, the American record is 49.32; goodbye, sir.”

  5. Matt B. - March 20, 2017

    A 48 at 48 is off the charts!
    I am sure it is right around the corner for Allen

  6. Horace Grant - March 21, 2017

    Congratulations to Allen again. I have watched a number of Allen’s races here in Texas as well observed many of his workouts. We can agree that he is a tremendous athlete and has a streak of incredible performances. What an inspiration! It would be great to see his latest record ratified as well! And by the way Allen, you should go for the cash in California on May 20.

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