M45 British sprinter organizing international masters meets in 2018

Darren Scott is organizing British meet inviting furriners. Tom Phillips photo

You may have heard about the kiddie-class USA-Britain dual meet planned for July 21, 2018, at London Stadium. USATF will pay for entrants and travel. “USATF is thrilled to collaborate and innovate with British Athletes on ‘The Meet,’” said USATF CEO Max Siegel. “Team competition captures the attention of fans in a way that brings excitement, attention and focus to our sport. ‘The Meet’ will bring track and field back to the future by reviving dual-meet team competition in a way that caters to modern fans.” But masters will have their own get-together as well. M45 world-class sprinter Darren Scott of the UK writes on Facebook: “Due to the popularity of the very first 2018 Masters Grand Prix, a group has been created for future updates. If [you] are considering taking part in any of the 3 or all events then please join the group where we will announce more information on travel, dates, timetables, etc. We are hoping this becomes a great success and we welcome all Masters athletes, UK AND OVERSEAS to take part.” USATF Masters Track won’t pay our way, but if you’re in Europe a year from now, perhaps you can drop by. More info will be here.

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August 20, 2017

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  1. Tom Phillips - August 21, 2017

    So, what’s the “2018 Masters Grand Prix”? Never heard of it. I choose not to be on Facebook, but have simply never heard of it before in any other media.

  2. bert bergen - August 21, 2017

    How exactly is a meet being held next year for the first time popular ?

  3. Ken Stone - August 21, 2017

    Darren posted Sunday:

    The very first of our Grand Prix masters events will be held at Sheffield Hallam University Stadium. Nearest Airports are Robin Hood airport Doncaster (just 30 miles away), Manchester Airport (45 miles) and East midlands (47 miles).
    The stadium is located on the tram line about half way between the city centre and Meadowhall with a number of bus routes also serving the site. There is limited on-site parking for events in addition to large amounts of on-street parking in the surrounding area.
    We will confirm dates and source discounted hotel prices for athletes wishing to take park in our Sheffield event.

  4. Steve Doyle - August 25, 2017

    Love to receive more info about the up and coming meet. Any chance of having the mile?

  5. SimonM - September 3, 2017

    @bert bergen: I think what he’s saying is that there has been so much interest among GBR/UK athletes already, that he has had to start a Facebook group page to handle updating everybody.

    I’ve only just applied to join the group so haven’t found out yet whether Lee Valley Stadium means we will be competing at the London (ex-Oympic) Stadium, which is in the Lee Valley Olympic Park, or at Lee Valley Stadium, down the road.

    @Steve Doyle: yes please. Join the group and let’s petition for it.

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