Masters women’s 100 and mixed 80-plus 100 returning to Penn

Penn Relays masters majordomo Phil Felton shared entry info — even though deadline was Friday. But perhaps you can still sneak in. In any case, he writes: “The two new events from last year, the women’s 100m and the 80+ mixed 100m, have been kept in the program.” The crowd loves the oldest sprinters, and they don’t disappoint. Always love to see 100-plus types show up for a record shot. (But we’ll miss seeing Champion Goldy in his M100 debut, in light of his sad passing.) Here’s entry info. Tell Phil I procrastinated in posting. Here’s W100 Ida Wheeling last year:

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April 9, 2017

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  1. tb - April 9, 2017

    Listen to those cheers! Very cool.

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