Moms in track and field? So what! Try grandmas, great-grannies

It was Mother’s Day on the Net this week. The Associated Press had a story on elite high jumpers prepping for London Olympics after giving birth. And a Fox Sports West site talked about long hurdler Lashinda Demus pointing for the Games as a mother of 4-year-old twins. Don’t mention that grandmothers and great-grandmothers also jump (if not hurdle). In the HJ report, Tia Hellebaut at almost 34 is one focus. Tia says: “Tests show that when it comes to pure power, I am stronger than four years ago.” But: “I gained 25 kilos (55 pounds) — twice, I lost 25 kilos — twice. In three years, my body was a constant hormonal yo-yo.” Sounds like something masters tricksters know something about. Any advice for the elite kidlets, Joy and Nadine? (Also Kathy, Kay, Rita and Marie.)

Lashinda Demus, 29, is the world's No. 1 long hurdler. She had twins.

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February 19, 2012

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  1. Jerry Smartt - February 23, 2012

    Can you believe that those kids are that beautiful? “Yes, Tex, look at their mother.” (why didn’t I think of that?). Smartty

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