Mt. SAC stadium lawsuits could spike 2020 Olympic Trials there

Mt. SAC coach Ron Kamaka, a former 7-3 high jumper, was paralyzed in a Hawaii accident in 1990s and now uses wheelchair.

Southern California trackos, including moi, rejoiced last June when USATF chose Mt. SAC to host the 2020 Olympic Trials. But I’m not persuaded by USATF and college officials that Hilmer Lodge Stadium construction (after demolition) will be done in time. That’s thanks to reporting done by some geezer-codger with who thinks he can ask smarmy questions and get away with it. In any case, see my story on how two lawsuits cialis online have the potential to stop the grading and financing in their tracks. I attended the annual SoCal “track reunion” luncheon at Mt. SAC three weeks ago and took lots of pictures of Olympians and other T&F celebs. (See some here.) I’m hoping things get sorted out. It’ll save me a ton of coin if wife and I cover the Trials in Walnut.

Video envisioning new stadium was shown at Mt. SAC track reunion luncheon.

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March 3, 2018

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  1. Jeff Davison - March 3, 2018

    Some of the athletes have name tags on in the pictures. Doug Smith, Rey Brown, Lang and others.

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