Obscure Aussie shooting for Bernard Lagat’s M40 1500 WR

Philo Saunders leads 1500 pack at 2016 Adelaide Track Classic. Photo via Getty Images

Philo Saunders of Australia has announced a big goal. How big? He wants to take down Bernard Lagat’s M40 world record in the 1500. So how does a guy with an all-time PR of 3:41.22 in 2005 knock off Kip’s 3:41.87? Beats me. But according to a post on runnerstribe.com, Philo is training in Flagstaff for a June WR attempt. “Philo plies his trade as a senior physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport and as a coach,” the story says. “With his coaching leading him to team positions at Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games and both IAAF and IPC World Championships. …. Regardless of performances, times and records, Philo’s longevity and enthusiasm for the sport stands out among athletes. His constant love of running appears in his motivation. ‘I keep running because I love it… The way it makes you feel. The satisfaction of doing a session better than anything you’ve done before. The fitness you feel carries you through life. The energy it gives you. And just bettering your best. Doing something you might not have thought possible.’” Well, good on you, Philo. Would love to see you come within 10 seconds of the WR.

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May 30, 2017

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  1. .tOnY yOuNg - June 1, 2017

    Should be fun to watch. Good luck Philo. Lagat records are for reals!!

  2. Matt B. - June 3, 2017

    June 1st and 3rd? Fairly close. Is there a link to these events or results?

  3. Matt T. - June 4, 2017

    Looks like June 1st he raced the high performance mile at the Martinez Classic in Concord, MA, finishing 11th in 4:07.04.

  4. Matt B. - June 4, 2017

    To Matt T.- Thanks.
    Wonder what the other race on the 3rd was?

  5. Matt B. - June 4, 2017

    He already did come within 10 seconds of WR back in February with his 3:47 1500

  6. Matt B. - June 5, 2017

    battleroadtc.org 3:46.97
    1 Greene, Kevin 24 Battle Road 3:47.00 3:44.77 5
    2 Ross, Nicholas 25 NE Distance 3:41.00 3:45.40 5
    3 Irish, Miles 21 Dartmouth College 3:47.36 3:46.49 5
    4 Robertson, Kevin 18 Saint-Lauren 3:45.32 3:46.57 5
    5 Saunders, Philo 40 Run Canberra 3:41.22 3:46.97 5
    6 Mangan, Steven 25 NE Distance 3:41.00 3:47.05 5
    7 Melly, David 24 The Heartbreakers 3:46.74 3:48.18 5

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