Prize money set in UK for Masters Grand Prix on June 23, 2018

Nifty track at Sheffield Hallam University.

British M45 sprint star Darren Scott shares more details on his Grand Prix series, which I noted four months ago. Darren writes: “The very first of our Grand Prix masters events will be held June 23, 2018, and is open for men/women over the age of 35 at Sheffield Hallam University Stadium. Nearest airports are Robin Hood airport Doncaster (just 30 miles away), Manchester Airport (45 miles) and East midlands (47 miles). The stadium is located on the tram line about halfway between the city centre and Meadowhall with a number of bus routes also serving the site. There is limited on-site parking for events in addition to large amounts of on-street parking in the surrounding area. Races will be graded on times, not age. That way you get a quality race. Electronic timing and wind gauges will be used for record attempts. Athletes from overseas are most welcome. The entry fee will be £7 for first event and £3 for extra events.” (BTW, 7 British pounds equals $9.25.)

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November 18, 2017  4 Comments

M55 Aussie high jumper draws 4-year ban for Perth doping positive

Volodymyr Shelever of Australia won M55 high jump gold at 2016 Perth worlds, but Thursday the IAAF revealed he’s been suspended until 2021 after testing positive for a banned substance. An Aussie site says he had this in his system: 6b-hydroxymethandienone and 17b-hydroxymethyl-17a-methyl-18-norandrost-1_ 4_ 13-trien-3-one (metabolites of Methandienone). That’s a steroid sold as Dianabol. But it’s good news for South Africa’s Neal Bredeveldt, who moves up to the gold position, and American Tom Foley, who now is due a silver. Here’s what IAAF shares: “(Date of birth 25.05.1961) AUS In competition, in “World Masters Athletics Championships”, Perth, AUS 05.11.16 4 years ineligibility from 17.02.17-16.02.21 From 05.11.16.” This reminds me of Chaunte Lowe, the W30 who moved up from sixth to third in the 2008 Beijing high jump results after three Russians ahead of her were caught doping eventually. That an Aussie was a offender is happy news for WMA President Stan Perkins, a fellow Oz-man. It proves Stan is powerless to protect a countryman (thus showing he has no control over who gets drug-tested). But the embarrassment stings.

Volodymyr jumps at October 2016 meet. Anyone know how to contact the gent?

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November 16, 2017  3 Comments

Sean the blogger shows how not to write about masters track

Generic geezer sprinter used with Sean post has no photo credit. (But perhaps it’s Alex Rotas)

A sportswear company in the UK has a clueless blogger named Sean, who writes for He interviewed British masters official Maurice Doogan and wasted his time by reinventing the wheel. It appears Sean With-No-Last-Name saw a BBC story about Alex Rotas and her photos of elder athletes. Sean wrote: “Earlier in the summer, a BBC report on Masters Athletics caused quite a stir. Hitherto hidden away entirely from the mainstream, Masters Athletics sees, shall we say, veterans competing in track and field. It is genuinely inspiring to see athletes as old as 90+ getting stuck into sport at a competitive level.” Had Sean done the least amount of research, he could have covered much more interesting ground. Instead, he slept-walk through his chat with Maurice. I suppose 1 percent of his readers will learn something, but I wish Sean asked better questions than: “If 35 is the minimum age requirement, is there a maximum?”

November 14, 2017  2 Comments

Eurovets report on ritzy ‘Management Workshop for EMA’s future’

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the coming powwow of Eurovets enchiladas in Frankfurt, Germany. I said: “One hopes the council reports out what they’re recommending at the Nov. 3-5 meetings.” Well, they delivered — Euro-fluff. Here’s what “KG” posted on the Eurovets site about the “Management Workshop for EMA’s future.”

Members of the Eurovets management meeting gather for a scruffy group shot.

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November 13, 2017  One Comment

M85 Brazilian thrower highlights South American WMA regionals reports that more than 1,500 athletes took part in the WMA South American Regional Championships that ended Sunday in Santiago, the Chilean capital. “Participants came from several nations outside of WMA’s South American Region including Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Curazao, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands and United States,” the story says. I found one Yank (M70 distancer Henry Weiland) and a Canadian (W55 multi-eventer Susanne Lauridsen). “The home country took home about 200 gold and over 550 total, Argentina won over 120 gold and 300 total and Brazil won the third most medals bringing home over 150 with over 75 being gold.” Brazil’s Takumi Matsushima set M85 South American records in the shot, discus, hammer and javelin. Here are women’s results, and here are men’s results. Lots of photos on meet’s Facebook page.

November 12, 2017  No Comments

4 years after the fact, Christian Cushing-Murray nets his M45 AR

Ray Knerr (left) and Pete Magill (right) visit with Cush after his AR 1500. Diana Hernandez photo.

On the Ides of March 2013, Christian Cushing-Murray was seven months away from turning 46. He stepped to the line of the first 1500 heat at the Oxy Invitational in Los Angeles and proceeded to chase kids half his age. He finished 13th in a fantastic 3:55.09, which I celebrated as an M45 American record. It beat the listed AR of 3:56.39 by John Hinton in 2007. (The listed WR is now 3:48.72 by Britain’s Anthony Whiteman.) But years passed, and crickets. No record listing. But this week, Cush learned that his AR application had been approved, and masters records czar Jeff Brower should be posting it soon. On Facebook, Cush said the mark went “unratified because of paperwork issues. … The performance meant a lot to me when I did it — it was the culmination of setting a goal, a year of preparation, and executing a solid race — but the record didn’t really mean much; it was enough to know I did it. Now, in my elder years, I cannot tell a lie: The official record does mean something to me, because I know how difficult — and fleeting — these things are.” Again, thanks to Jeff for righting a Sandy Pashkin wrong. And belated happy M50 to Cush, whose birthday was a month ago.

November 11, 2017  2 Comments

Carol Lafayette-Boyd called ‘Global Sports MVP’ on Canadian site

W75 sprinter/jumper Carol Lafayette-Boyd — a contender for WMA Female Athlete of the Year after setting five WRs in June and competing in WMA regionals in August — tells a Canadian news site she hopes to compete until she’s 100. We learn: “She hopes that her story can help people see that age shouldn’t stop you from starting something you’d like to try.” She says: “Don’t worry how well you are doing because look at me, 25 years later I’m doing better than the first two meets that I had.”

November 10, 2017  2 Comments

Aussies get chance at $100 gift certificates for completing surveys

Two Aussie schools are offering a chance at $100 gift vouchers or $150 digital cameras if you take part in their what-motivates-masters study. But they’re apparently targeting folks who competed in the Australian Masters Games. “The first project will explore the reasons why people get involved in sport and how they continue to participate as they get older,” says one story. “Some athletes will be asked to complete surveys and others will take photos of things that are meaningful to their games involvement and will be interviewed about them later.” My reasons? Athletic immortality and shiny medals.

Tasmania hosted the Aussie Masters Games in late October. No cartoon cracks.

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IAAF London hurdle champ Sally Pearson, 31, mulling master track?

Sally is a left-leg lead, the way it’s supposed to be (like me).

Sally Pearson doesn’t turn 35 until 2021, but she told an Australian masters track club she’s looking to join it. Her first masters worlds wouldn’t be until 2022. But watch out, short hurdlers. (She won the IAAF London world title in 12.59. Also grabbed London Olympic gold.) The Gold Coast Bulletin said: “Pearson has promised to join the fun in the future but for now members of Gold Coast Masters Athletics are happy to create their own modest track and field legacies. … While it’s a world away from the Olympics, 31-year-old golden girl Pearson has pledged her support behind a format that’s as much about fun and fitness as results.” Quoted is Gold Coast Masters Athletics official Karen Lakin: “Sally Pearson told me she would join soon. That wasn’t too long ago so hopefully (down the track she will).” Good on you, Sally. See you soon.

November 8, 2017  3 Comments

Masters vaulters invited to big-time Dallas indoor meet, honcho says

Steve McBride is director of a Dallas indoor meet Dec. 1-2 seeking high-profile entrants. A press release says: “Dunamis Sports Group brings to Dallas Market Hall the nation’s fastest independently owned 200m-banked track. The same blazing track where Tara Davis set the national high school long jump record in February 2017 (21-11) will now host youth, high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate athletes in a two-day frenzy of activity, including charitable events benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Dallas and various Animal Rescue Shelters.” Cool. So I wrote Steve to see if masters age-groupers can come. He replied: “The only masters event we are looking to have is pole vault.” Oh drat. I don’t know which day it’ll be contested, but here’s the entry site. Hope some good geezervaulters can attend.

November 7, 2017  One Comment