Picturing Chuck McMahon: Rich in tradition, photogenic faces

Steve Kleinstuber was again the meet director.

Results should be available soon for Saturday’s Chuck McMahon Masters Meet at Cal State San Marcos. Meanwhile, see my gallery of the San Diego TC-sponsored event that also serves as the San Diego USATF association masters championships. I enjoyed meeting some up-and-comers, including W30 Jasmine Artis, making a comeback in jumps and sprints after competing for Maryland more than a decade ago. I reconnected with my friend Jim Selby, staying in the game at 88. And I reminded coach Wes Williams that he’s still The Man in the Long Hurdles. Dr. Richard Watson, escaping 120-degree temps in his Arizona home for high 70s in SoCal, brought his kiddie Radio Flyer wagon, the same kind used by Chuck McMahon when he was a world champion thrower and record-setter. Check out my favorite images. These and others can be downloaded in high resolution from this Google Drive folder. No charge. (But I accept love offerings.)

Dr. Richard Watson tows wagon with gear, just as Chuck McMahon did in his hallowed career (note Steve’s T-shirt at top).

W40 Allison Cowdell wore her game face in the high jump:

Triple-jumping Jasmine wore the best shirt of any entrant: “I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday”:

M70 Dan Girling of Arizona has long ignored stop signs in his sprint career:

W30 Christine Spence was cheered at the finish of her 400 hurdles in 60.XX:

M85 Jim Selby, an old Marine, finishes a sprint race with grit and grace:

Competing as fiercely as they look, these ladies were hammering the 100:

Steve Scott assistant Wes Williams tows hurdles with a smile:

M80 Ed Gookin ran 800 for the San Diego Track Club, which puts on the meet:

W55 Karen Vaughn, a cancer survivor, puts everything into the javelin:

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June 25, 2016

4 Responses

  1. Christel Donley - June 26, 2016

    Let me be the first one to say : joyfully, what great memories!! Just seeing Jim Selby is a treat!

    Dan Girling is a ” regular” at our meets, and Karen, you are back in full force!!

    Richard, that’s the way to avoid “schlepping” all that gear! It’s not age, just being smart….

    Thanks for all the memories – and see you all, some time – somewhere!

  2. Ken Stone - June 26, 2016

    Results from Chuck McMahon are here. Avert your eyes when you come to the M60 200.

  3. Karen Vaughn - June 27, 2016

    It was my first Chuck McMahon meet and the weather, venue, and people were great! It was a joy to reconnect with and make new friends! Ken I might use that pic outside my office door and caption it with, “What part of ‘No late homework accepted’ don’t you understand?”

  4. Steve Kleinstuber - June 28, 2016

    Thanks for the great pictures. I love how you capture facial expressions on our competitors as the give it their best effort. That was perhaps the best Chuck Meet ever. We don’t get the biggest turnout, nor the fastest marks, but its the friendly nature of our participants, the unselfish dedication of the volunteers and the renuion feel of the annual masters meet. 17 years strong.
    See you next year.
    Steve Kleinstuber
    Meet Director 🙂

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