Riches of Riccione online: Search all entries at worlds

Entries are now listed for the WMA World Masters Athletic Championships in Riccione, Italy! Go to this entry page, and check out the options. You can search by name, event, sex, nationality or age group — or any combo thereof. Just check the appropriate box or boxes and click the SEARCH buttton at the bottom right of the page. This is a database-driven tool not unlike the one used for searching marks or athletes at — or at any major marathon or road race. When you’ve displayed a list of entrants, you can get further info by clicking on the little magnifying glass at the far right of the name. This brings up recent bests.

Apparently, the oldest entrants at Riccione are these M95 gents:
The oldest women are:
Here’s Phil Raschker’s event list, for example:
3. (F8) Events
Num. Code Event Best performance 2005/2006
2 HEP Heptathon Points 4813 Location – Date –
4 100 100m Time 13.97 Location – Date –
5 200 200m Time 29.00 Location – Date –
6 400 400m Time 1’09.84 Location – Date –
16 300H 300m Hurdles Time – Location – Date –
19 80H 80m Hurdles Time 13.76 Location – Date –
23 HIJ High Jump Mesure 1.37 Location – Date –
24 POV Pole Vault Mesure 2.75 Location – Date –
25 TRJ Triple Jump Mesure 9.00 Location – Date –
26 LOJ Long Jump Mesure 4.59 Location – Date –
With 8,900 entrants from about 90 nations, this search tool is a huge help. Our thanks and congratulations to the meet organizers!

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July 6, 2007

6 Responses

  1. Larry Barnum - July 6, 2007

    Ken, Yes, this is a good start. But how do you compare the times of other runners listed in the same event? Unless I’m missing something, which is possible if not probable, you’d have to go through the whole list individual name (click), by name. And many of the times are not listed and the “Number of previous championships” often wrong.

  2. Mary Harada - July 7, 2007

    It is not possible to compare competitors in various events as many did not list recent results on the entry forms. Also – the “number of previous championships” information is misleading – for example – I have taken part in 7 WMA/WAVA outdoor meets, but it says None on my sheet. Why -I did not see that question listed on the US entry form, it was not there or it was written in special ink that required a Dick Tracy decoder ring to read it. Perhaps other countries provided a space for this on their entry forms.
    In any event, there will be the usual assortment of “stealth” competitors coming from outer space with amazing abilities – ranging from world class to – what one might call back of the pack class – and that will keep all of us on our toes trying to scope out the opposition.
    I went through all the W 70 competitors – and was not any more enlightened when I finished than when I started. In the younger age groups there are so many competitors that it will take a considerable amount of time to click on each one.
    Personally I do not find this way of listing competitors useful – all I have is a list of names in my age group – I would prefer to be able to download the names by events – perhaps that is possible but I had sufficient difficulty just getting the entire list. I do not find it to be user friendly and I am not a novice computer user.

  3. Milan Jamrich - July 7, 2007

    It does get scary if you compare the performance of your competitors. For example in the high jump M55, Adalshin has listed 185cm and Grishaev 190cm. The world record is 184cm by Thomas Zacharias. I just hope that the performance of Adalshin and Grishaev is a “rough” estimate. Milan

  4. Pete Mulholland - July 7, 2007

    As Larry said, “It’s a good start.” It also shows signs that the organisation will be better than San Sebastian in 2005. Not too difficult to achieve.
    I personally use to ignore the previous best performances put in by competitors. I think some of them are lifetime bests.
    Also, I’m sure that distance runners have been known to put in slow times so they can look good in their ‘heat’

  5. STEFAN WALTERMANN - July 7, 2007

    Cool search engine. I love the results on the search for the M 55 200 m. I find just me and one other medal rich dude. Man, we made it!!!

  6. Tom Fahey - July 7, 2007

    The entry form asked for previous entries; it wasn’t very obvious. The entry list would be more user friendly if they reported best mark. Many of the marks are fabricated. You can size up the marks by looking at last year’s masters world list:
    Tom Fahey M59

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