Rocketman Rhodes first out of blocks for USATF masters exhibitions

JPL’s Jason ran at Perth.

Mark Cleary, who oversees the masters invitational program of USATF exhibition at the open meets, has posted details on two events — the indoor nationals in ABQ and the outdoor nationals in Sacto. If you’re a long sprinter, you’re in luck — men will run the 400 at both meets, and the women will run 400 outdoors and 1,000 indoors. Anyone 40 and over may apply to get in the races. So far, only one entrant is listed — M40 Jason Rhodes of SoCal TC (Mark’s club). The JPL scientist posted a seed time of 52.66 — a mark from Perth worlds — for both races. The indoor standards are 56.0 for men and 2:34.00 (800) and 5:20.00 (1500) for women. The outdoor standards are 56.0 for men and 1:10 for women. I suspect other masters exhibitions are still to be revealed. Here’s an interview I did with Jason in 2010 after an M35 relay record.

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January 13, 2017

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  1. Curt Morgan - January 14, 2017

    “…the indoor nationals in ABQ and the outdoor nationals in Sacto.”

    Ken, the indoor and outdoor national links you provide are for the open national championships, not masters. Yet you refer to “anyone over 40 may apply”, so it looks like you’re talking masters here. I’m confuzed!

  2. Matt B. - January 14, 2017

    Curt, they are open Nationals.
    Just a master’s exhibition race at those events.

  3. Kathy Bergen - January 14, 2017


    Thanks for always thinking of us sprinters.

  4. Jeff Davison - January 14, 2017

    Check out “about the program” and
    Historical Review (year by year results).
    The program has allowed Masters to compete at the open National Championships and even the Olympic Trials as an exhibition since 2000. Thank you Mark and USATF.

  5. Jeff Davison - January 14, 2017

    Three entrants now .. and counting.

  6. Ken Stone - March 3, 2017

    Heat sheets are out for masters races Sunday:

    Event 101 Men 400 Meter Dash Masters (5)
    Sunday 3/5/2017 – 2:55 PM

    Lane Team Name Seed Time

    Section 1 of 1 Finals
    2 David Cahill Gr. Boston TC
    3 Jason Rhodes So Cal TC
    4 Brian Duff Track Club L A
    5 Gabriel Fuzat SW Sprinters
    6 Khalid Mulazim SW Sprinters

    Event 102 Women 1000 Meter Run Masters (5)
    Sunday 3/5/2017 – 2:45 PM

    Single waterfall
    Lane Team Name Seed Time
    Section 1 of 1 Finals
    2 Anna Mayhewrozek Unattached
    3 Terry Ballou Athena T C
    4 Laura Mitchell Team Rogue
    5 Sonja Friend-Uhl Athena T C
    6 Lisa Valle New Mexico T C

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