Russian masters get word, too: No international meets, transfers

WMA announcement on Russian masters.

WMA announcement on Russian masters.

WMA Prez Stan Perkins made it official Wednesday: “No Masters athlete who is affiliated with the ARAF [Russia’s USATF] is permitted to participate in any athletics competition outside of Russia. This includes all competitions, and applies equally to teams as well as individuals. In addition, any Masters athlete, or intending Masters athlete, who is affiliated with the ARAF is excluded from consideration of transfer to another affiliate regardless of the circumstances, whilst this provisional suspension, or any addition suspension that may be applied, is in place.” WMA was informed Nov. 15 by Cesar Moreno Bravo, our IAAF rep: “Under IAAF Constitution Article 6.11(b) and Article 14.7, that the ban on participation of Russian athletes would apply to any Russian athlete who is affiliated to ARAF (or who is affiliated to a club or region that is affiliated to ARAF). This includes any athlete whose participation has been negotiated by the organisers but also any athlete with an affiliation to ARAF. This suspension also includes Masters athletes and Masters competitions.” Whatta shame.

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November 19, 2015

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  1. Matt B. - November 19, 2015


  2. Milan Jamrich - November 20, 2015

    cold war style politics

  3. E. Grant - November 20, 2015

    Woah… That’s sad.

  4. tb - November 20, 2015

    Seems like a reach.

  5. Cesar Perez - November 20, 2015

    Me canso de jugar a atleta, llevo haciendo atletismo 48 años soy atleta master M55 de España, y lamento la situación de los atletas master Rusos entiendo y aplaudo que se suspenda a la federaión rusa con no poder participar en los mundiales, pero y los masters?, nos pagamos los viajes, nos pagan alojamientos, si somos iguales ,somos iguales para todo para lo bueno y para lo malo, si no que nos dejen seguir jugando a atletas

  6. Simon Martin - November 22, 2015

    I’m with tb. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Russian masters athletes are participamts in the state-sponsored doping program?

    And when are we going to see transparency/disclosure among our own athletes whose performances are enabled by statins, anti-hypertensives, blood-thinners and heart drugs? Since many have told me they could not run, let alone compete, withoout these drugs, that makes them PEDs that we turn a blind eye to.

  7. Tony Echeandia - November 23, 2015

    Sad, I feel for the Russian Masters.

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