Santa Clara is not San Diego, and other craziness of WMA records

Here's a snapshot of WMA records from Sept. 30, 2015, the old way.

Here’s a snapshot of WMA records from Sept. 30, 2015, the traditional way of display.

Ten days ago, WMA updated its world record lists. Not long after, the website was rejiggered. For many years, the records were posted as HTML files (regular web pages). But now they’re PDFs. (See outdoor men’s records. and see outdoor women’s records.) No big deal, except it takes longer to view this stuff. I still can’t cotton mistakes, omissions and other boogers. An example in the men’s list: All of the Don Pellmann M100 records listed are shown as having been set in Santa Clara. Oh, c’mon. Don lives in Santa Clara but set the marks in San Diego — which every tabloid site in UK knows. I also counted the WRs set in Lyon. I came up with 41. But WMA announced that 43 WRs were set at worlds. So which two are missing? Last week, I wrote to Sandy Pashkin, the WMA records czar, and she hasn’t responded. Or fixed the mistakes. Don is credited with three M100 WRs, but not for 100 and high jump. Why? Nobody is talking. Until this is fixed, media outlets will be confused and cite the wrong data.

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October 26, 2015

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