Sean the blogger shows how not to write about masters track

Generic geezer sprinter used with Sean post has no photo credit. (But perhaps it’s Alex Rotas)

A sportswear company in the UK has a clueless blogger named Sean, who writes for He interviewed British masters official Maurice Doogan and wasted his time by reinventing the wheel. It appears Sean With-No-Last-Name saw a BBC story about Alex Rotas and her photos of elder athletes. Sean wrote: “Earlier in the summer, a BBC report on Masters Athletics caused quite a stir. Hitherto hidden away entirely from the mainstream, Masters Athletics sees, shall we say, veterans competing in track and field. It is genuinely inspiring to see athletes as old as 90+ getting stuck into sport at a competitive level.” Had Sean done the least amount of research, he could have covered much more interesting ground. Instead, he slept-walk through his chat with Maurice. I suppose 1 percent of his readers will learn something, but I wish Sean asked better questions than: “If 35 is the minimum age requirement, is there a maximum?”

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November 14, 2017

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  1. Curtis Morgan - November 15, 2017

    I scanned (slept-walked, even) thru Sean’s interview, without undue damage. The following exchange, in particular, got a heartfelt laugh:

    Q: Is it fair to say some of the athletes compete not just against others, but sort of against themselves – for their own self-esteem and pride?

    A: Yes it is for self esteem and pride which is magnified out of sight, when you put on a GB Masters vest.

  2. Marcus O'Sullivan - November 16, 2017

    I liked the article. It was nice and positive, nothing political and geared towards the general public, maybe not for hardcore masters athletes, but not sure why such negative feedback…

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